Motuleños in Motul

Friends Ricardo and Spike called the other day and asked it we wanted to go out for breakfast? Well never ones to pass up an opportunity to eat…We went to Motul for breakfast this morning.

A friend, Calman had made a boast that for the ‘best’ huevos motuleños you had to go to Motul (

Which is where, after all, that they were developed. At the Museo de Felipe Carillo Puerto the caretaker/guide indicated that the chef to Felipe Carillo Puerto developed, prepared, and served huevos motuleños to visiting officials and dignitaries.

According to WikiPidia: Felipe Carrillo Puerto (18741924) was a Governor of the Mexican state of Yucatán. He was born in the town of Motul, Yucatán. He was a progressive who favored land reform, women’s suffrage, and rights for the indigenous Mayan people. He had a romance with a United States journalist, Alma Reed of San Francisco, California, which was commemorated in the song “La Peregrina”. Carrillo died by assassination in January 1924.
Felipe Carrillo was called the Red Dragon with the Eyes of Jade by his enemies and the Apostle of the Indians by those who loved him. He was one of 14 children, 13 of whom lived to adulthood. All but one of the Carrillo siblings worked to better the lives of the Mayan people. When Felipe was killed, 3 of his brothers, Wilfrido, Benjamin, and Edesio, were killed with him, as well as eight of their friends.

OK, so we arrive in Motul, circle the square until we spy the desired location, park and make our way up to the very fresh breezy balcony where you have 2 restaurant choices.

We opted for the one name El Mirador.

We ordered 4 huevos motuleños 2 jamaicas, and 2 cristales. My huevos (pictured) are sin queso. Our bill ended up being 180pesos total.

OK, so there we sat, expounding on how great the huevos were when who walks in with familia completa. OH YEAH – you guessed it – Calman had indeed brought the lovely Feli and family to Motul for Mother’s Day. The Calman family opted to order from the other of the two possible restaurants, but he did hazard an observation that our huevos looked very good.

So after eating, having a chat with la familia Calman we went to the Museo, then headed for the local cenote.

Oh, were the huevos good? Let’s see –

The cenote is just a few blocks, maybe 6, from the square. It’s a well kept site, there were quite a few people there; familes picnic’ing, people refreshing in the cool cenote… The cost was 5pesos to go down to the cenote unfortunately we weren’t prepared and didn’t have suits. It does appear that if you are in the water and move into the low ceiling area and go back a bit it will open to another larger area, something to look forward to after the next venture for huevos motuleños.

The bus between Merida and Motul drops and departs from a very convenient location; here you can see the bus stop right in fron of the Mercado Municipal building.


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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7 Responses to Motuleños in Motul

  1. Tom and Debi says:

    MeganSorry I can’t help much with your inquiry. I’ve been to Motul for breakfast and a cenote visit, but that’s about it.Like you I only saw the area around the zocalo so don’t really know what the rest of Motul looks like. Guess you’ll just have to plan a visit to check it out! Life is sometimes too rough.Debi

  2. jessboy301 says:

    Just curious if you could tell me more about Motul. Are there a lot of colonial homes? Are there many gringos? I was there once in the zocalo or main square near the cathedral, and it seemed quite charming and sedate. With the proximity to Merida it still seems a bit ‘undiscovered’. thank you,Megan

  3. Tom and Debi says:

    JoshNo problem at all with you using parts of my blog, except of course I noticed the typos that I didn’t see when I wrote it. I also posted about my visit to the Cemetary General and posted pictures Felipe’s burial spot, as well as Alma Reeds, please, let’s do get together when you are here. I thought I heard through Sid that you were recently here and you two had some adventure!Looking forward to seeing youDebi

  4. EJA says:

    Debi,I just stole some of your post for American Egypt ( Hope you don’t mind.Hope to see you and Tom when I get down there this fall. How’s Oct. 13 or Oct. 14 for you guys? Dinner?Saludos!— Josh

  5. Tranquilita says:

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  6. ¿Are you kidding me? ¿Is my middle name road trip? Well it actually is Joyce, but I do love a road trip. ¿what the heck is mimbre canastas?

  7. Tranquilita says:

    Huevos motuleños de Motul!! Yum, yum!! I love to eat them.Hey we’re looking where to buy some mimbre canastas (or similar material). Would you consider going on any visit to Becal, Campeche or some place where to find these products?

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