The 2nd Annual Latin American Bloggers Summit

The 2nd Annual Latin American Bloggers Summit is currently underway here in Mérida. Last years event was on Isla Mujeres. Last night was the Kick Off Party, where those of us who could gathered to meet; some of us for the first time. Although you really feel like you get to know people after you’ve followed their blog for a while.

Today we had a number of excellent presentations and discussions;

Wayne on Digital Photography
Ellen on making money with your blog
Theresa on finding your blog’s focus
Paul and Susan finding inspiration for your posts

We all talked about how we got started blogging, and why we continue with it.

And Heather handed out this years homework assignment; you’ll have to wait to find out what that is!

Then we headed out for a few beers and botanas. What a fun group; and I must say I am inspired. I was feeling a bit off about blogging because I was not sure of my focus, or if stuff I write is interesting or pertinent – I am inspired with a whole page listed with ideas. So watch out!
We’re on a mid-day break, resting from the mid-day heat. The group reconvenes in about an hour for a tour of Centro, because not all of the attendees live here in Mérida, then out for an evening of cuban music, and well most likely a few more beers, and what I am sure will be animated discussions on topics of great world and economic importance.

It’s fun to get to meet the people behind the blogs, to discuss the how’s and why’s of what they do and why and how they do it, how to keep up the energy and interest, to share ideas and get feedback. I’m sure there will be surge of interesting topics in the coming months.

Most of the group was taking pictures – I wasn’t, but maybe later. So, well, maybe, I’ll have some cool blogs pretty soon!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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6 Responses to The 2nd Annual Latin American Bloggers Summit

  1. roni says:

    I am surprised you let Heather give you an assignment, she has been pretty much absent from her blog lately – and you can tell her I lovingly said so *smile*

    I think she needs to be given an assignment – and we love her and her man Michael 🙂

  2. Hola Debi (and Tom!) Just stopped by to take a peek! Love the food posts.

  3. mcm says:

    You have a terrific Blog! Here’s why I think so:
    1) You report your observations and experiences, and don’t try to extrapolate them to all of Mexico.
    2) You post on a variety of topics that have the common theme of being relevant to Yucatan — foods, gardening/plants, etc.
    3) You’re not judgmental, nor presenting yourself as the world’s expert on Merida/Yucatan/Mexico. If you say it, it’s because you’ve experienced it.
    4) You actually live here, and have for enough years to have a handle on the good/bad/ugly…
    5) You write clearly, use paragraph breaks (!!), and generally keep to the point.

    This is not to “diss” other blogs, but hey — post more!

  4. Steve Cotton says:

    OK. Here I sit in Gila Bend, getting ready to cross the border in the morning, and you are all learning and churning. I look forward to a summary of the presentations.

  5. glorv1 says:

    I always enjoy your posts. Very entertaining ones at that. Have fun at the “Summit.” Thx for sharing and looking forward to reading more about what’s going on. Take care.

  6. roni says:

    Kathy and I enjoy your blog a lot. We like your stories of activities you do. We like Tom’s also, but he is way not active, blog-wise 🙂

    Get inspired! Say hi to our blogging friends who are there.


    Ron and Kathy

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