Rally Round the Flag, Boys!

Doing a GOOGLE search on this phrase – Rally Round the Flag, Boys! – brings up numerous hits, almost all of which focus on political drama, and using a flag as a symbol to call to arms supporters to defend, support, and justify an extremist view or stand.
That said, it has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post EXCEPT that I was looking for a catchy phrase for the Title.

One of my neighbors came to me the other day to let me know that there will be a political rally for Angélica Araujo, Diputada Federal III Distrito Candidada on our street on Saturday, 30 Mayo from 6-10pm. And that our street will be closed between 77 and 79, that’s calle 70 if you want to come see a political rally.

Terrific, we have a visitor coming in on a 9pm flight.
(just means we need to move the car in the afternoon,
and may have to park a block away after her flight arrives)

I’ve been noticing an abundance of PRI Verde campaign banners and stickers around the neighborhood. Also, the only election flyers we receive are for PRI Verde, hmmmmm!
I thought ms Araujo was PRI Verde, but on her website there is an X through the PRI Verde logo. Another confusion for me is the use of the OK signal, which seems to be used by ms Araujo and her campaigners, and supporters. You know the one, your thumb and index finger create a circle, and the other three fingers sort of stick up – I thought this was considered an obscene gesture here in México.

So much I don’t know about Mexican politics.

About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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5 Responses to Rally Round the Flag, Boys!

  1. Islagringo says:

    That OK sign you mention must be turned upside down to be obscene. And it is very insulting. Don’t ever do it.

  2. mcm says:

    This is a very interesting election — the PRI is going all out to win the federal chamber of deputies elections in Districts 3 and 4 (north and central Merida). Angelina Araujo’s PAN opponent is Carolina Cardenas, the former state secretary of Tourism in the Patron administration. Neither she nor Angelina have held elective office before. Angelina was the head of the state housing/land administration (IVEY, formerly known as COUSEY) in the current administration of Yvonne Ortega. Interestingly, ALL of the district 3 candidates are women (the PRD and PSD, as well).
    The District 4 contest is between Rolando Zapata (former state secretary of Government in the current administration, and the candidate with the most political experience), and Javier Medina (former state chief of police, in the Patron administration). Medina also has not held elective office before.
    The reason this election is so important is that it’s seen as an indicator of the chances that PRI will will the Merida mayor race, which will take place next year.

    The reason you see so much publicity is that the PRI is really pouring money into these elections — much more, at this point, than the PAN. That was their winning strategy in the last gubenatorial race, as well. The PAN has held the municipal presidency (mayor) since 1994, but their advantage has slipped in the last two elections, and the PRI REALLY want it back, to consolidate their new hold on state political power.
    There is some talk that Rolando, the PRI district 4 candidate, will resign and run for mayor if he wins. This is actually a very typical political strategy in Mexico (Yvonne Ortega, for example, resigned from her federal senator position after only a few months, to run for governor, and previously she had resigned from her position as municipal president of Dzemul to run for for the Senate). Notice that every candidate runs with a named replacement!
    Anyway — sorry to ramble on…as you can tell, I enjoy following local politics!

  3. I want to know why she looks like she is wearing a nurse’s uniform? The okay sign looks odd to me too.

  4. ah, that makes sense now. Thanks for clearing that up for me too Leslie.

  5. Leslie Limon says:

    Election campaigns are in full swing all over Mexico. Election Day is July 2nd. And the reason most candidates have a black “X” over their political party logo is to show their followers how to vote. Underneath the logo with the “X” you will find the words “Vota Así”, which means vote like this. Ballots in Mexico, only include the candidates name and the logo of the different political parties. Voters, mark their choice with an “X” over their political party’s logo. (I hope this help clear things up!)

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