The son of some friends of ours, has a friend, whose family owns and operates Hostel Zocalo and Hostel Zocalo Beach Palapas.   The friends recently suggested to a group of us that we rent the 4 palapa/cabanas, each of which has 2 sleeping rooms, bathroom, and screened sitting area.  So this past weekend 16 of us converged on the Hostel Zocalo Beach Palapas that are located between Telchac Puerto and San Crisanto.

So, on Sunday morning we all started arriving at the beach.  Tom and I took Tech.  Yes, our puppys first big overnighter.   Some other friends brought their dog as well, but I’m not sure you can count Buddy as a dog since he only has eyes for his daddy.  He wouldn’t play with Tech at all.  Poor Tech had to content herself with the attention of 16 people.

The palapa/cabanas are slightly rustic, not quite as clean as they could be,  but overall are quite nice.   I really like the design, you enter a screened in area that has sand floor, plenty of seating,  a hammock or two… you  pass through a short hallway to 2 bedrooms and the bathroom.  Each bedroom has a double bed.  The bathrooms have running water, but no hot water.  The cabanas are not right on the beach as there is a natural barrier wind break between them and the beach.  This is nice because it is so windy close to the beach. 

Here’s our palapa/cabana

Here’s the seating area

 and the passage to the bedrooms

and the doors to the bedrooms

and one of the bedrooms

here’s the bathroom

Happy Running Puppy

View of the beach just outside the cabanas 

Group of old fogeys, drinkin, eatin,  laughin…

Party Puppy playing with a coconut

Here she is taking advantage of Barry

We all brought snacks to share.  We talked and played catch football, walked the beach and collected shells.  It was very windy and quite cool.  Everyone had long pants and shirts and sweatshirts on.  You could buy beer there, at 10 pesos a glass, the cabanas are/were 500mxp.  We opted to have them prepare our meals for us; the evening meal which was whole fried fish, shrimp, salad, and risotto for 90 pesos each.  Numerous bottles of wine were  present.   Breakfast was eggs, chorizo, toast, fruit and yogurt and of course coffee, all  for 40 pesos.

A good time was had by all and Tech did really well overall.  We had issues with her barking, she is quite timid, and her fear manifests with tail tucking and barking. And she wanted to be in bed with us!  I did mention double beds didn’t I?  LOL!.  We’re sure things will get better as her exposure to new people and situations continues.

Here we are waiting for a sunset

The Hostel Zocalo,  is  located on the main plaza  in what was once the home of the poet José Peón Contreras.   HOSTAL ZOCALO BEACH PALAPAS  advertise bonfires on the beach, fresh seafood dinners, flamingo tours, and offer 11 am pick up daily at Hostal Zocalo on the main plaza. Tel. 930-9562.

I would recommend the palapas to anyone – we really enjoyed our time.   I sure would have appreciated a little bigger bed, but only because Tom and I are both tall, by local standards…  We did take our own pillows, we also took mosquito coils, and I would suggest to bring your own towels and washcloths.


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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