What’s a girl to do when she needs a makeover

Typically she calls on her girlies and goes to a salon, and they chat, and laugh, and make some sometimes crazy decisions.    Then they go out and eat and drink, and laugh….   Well I am trying out a new Template, and I don’t have any stinkin girlies here to laugh with.  I’ve erased a bit of code, and now things are out of line.  What’s a girl to do?

Geesh, these young programmers don’t know how to properly label their code.  Back when I wrote code, you remember, chiseled on big rocks,  we identified what the section of code did, or was supposed to do….

Now it’s a big guessing game, or the id tags are so cryptic you aren’t really sure what you’re looking at.

Ah well, I’ll keep trying…


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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7 Responses to What’s a girl to do when she needs a makeover

  1. Patti says:


    I will be your makeover friend whn I move to Merida…

  2. I really like the new look! Good job.

  3. Tom and Debi says:

    Susan, Thanks for dropping in and posting a note!
    Judy, agree completely!
    Joanna, Ah but you are the smart one, you create everything in Word so you have your backups, I post on the fly, if it goes, and stays gone I guess the universe is truley telling me something.
    Susan E, Thanks, I'm going to try to widen th text/posting column, Wish me Luck!!!!!


  4. I like the new look…know what you mean about code though. I'm very wary of it. It's still fun to play around tho. best, Susan

  5. Well dear Debi, you must not feel badly at all… look at the messes I have gotten into with my blog!When I lose something, I just figure “the universe” will return anything worth keeping… eventually.
    Although I could definitely be NO help with the techie stuff, I would be happy to be come over and the girlfriend who provides drinks and brings you nourishment whilst you labor away on the formatting. That… I'm good at.


  6. They don't teach KISS any more!
    Grace would be horrified.

  7. Susan says:

    I can totally relate! It’s so, so very frustrating!!!! I accidentally erased the rss subscribe thingy that came with my template, and when I tried to add it back, it wouldn't fit – making everything askew. SO, I just don't have a button. These kind of issues drive me totally bonkers…

    But I still like your new look 🙂

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