An interesting prescription tidbit

April 30, 2010

I thought I’d pass this bit of news on.  I recently had to have a prescription for Ciprofloxacin,  I inquired about a package of 500mg with 8 tablets, 190mxp, which I exclaimed at as being expensive.
The attendant explained that she could get me the generic for a little less,  so for ciprofloxacino, 500mg 8 caplets rather than tablets I paid 60mxp; now that’s a bargain.

As interesting as that was, this is the point of my story – When you go for a generic equivalent for your prescription you need to be aware that if included on the packaging is a box symbol surrounding a GI, you have found a a generic substitute that has the same chemical makeup as the Name Brand. 
Just thought you’d like to know!
As I understand it some prescriptions billed as generic equivalent are in fact different, or have differing components.

About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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7 Responses to An interesting prescription tidbit

  1. Felipe says:

    Boy, you are one useful individual. Thanks.

  2. Disregard what I said before – I take 3 meds, buy all 3 regularly from Bodega, after scrutinizing them I find that 2 of the 3 have the GI mark and the third is actually the original name and s/b original compound.
    BTW, the Propranolol (original compound) was a mere 5 pesos 61 centavos for a 2 week supply today. Pretty hard to beat that!
    Thanks again, Debi, interesting info.

  3. Tom and Debi says:

    Steve, por nada, it's what we do, yeah – share what we learn!

    MexTR, I was told the GI mark indicates it is te same as the Name Brand, so I would not be comfy to speculate past that.

    MMikey, the picture is from the web for display of the GI branding. Guess I could have scanned, and compressed my package, this was just easier as I didn't have to get out of my seat!


  4. Merida Mikey says:

    Didn't know that! Thanx for the info.

    I happened to notice that the foto on your blog was of a cipro compound of only 250 mgs! You said you inquired about 500 mgs. Are you doubling the dose or is it just a foto for the sake of showing the “Gi” mark?

    Just thought I'd point that out, but I'm certain you're already aware of it.

  5. Hmmm. Good information, Debi, thanks.

    I buy my meds at the Bodega (Walmart) and get their brand “Medi-Mart”. They are all supposed to be generic but not one of the 3 boxes have the GI on them. It does say they are made exclusively for WM and they are Reg TM.

    Do you think if there is no GI mark they are NOT generic compounds of the original?

  6. Steve Cotton says:

    I just grabbed my generic Toprol box to check for a “Gi” mark. And there it was. I had not even noticed it in the past. Thanks for the information.

    In The States, my Toprol costs about $75(US) for a month's supply. In Mexico, with the generic brand, it is closer to $3 a month. Another good reason for living in Mexico.

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