Tropical Storm Alex, and Flying Ants

Well Tropical Storm Alex passed South of us so all we are getting is rain, cool temps, overcast skies, and flying ants.  It’s fabulous, for us.  We will see how Belize has made out!

I spent quite a while Saturday removing windchimes and mobiles from the trees, moving potted plants to secure locations, removing  garden and pool statuary to storage, etc, etc. 

Today, I returned most of the stuff to its rightful place.

Flying ants!   We are being inundated by them at the moment.

When humidity and temperature are just right ant swarming occurs.  Winged ants leave the parent nest and go in search of   other sexually active ants, they mate…..well anyway, my point is Alex missed us, and due to the rain and humidity the ants are doing what they do.

This evening, as I sit at the computer little flying ants are crawling on my leg, flying into my hair, providing entertainment to the cat, and just generally being pesty!

EEESCHHKKKKK, I hate flying ants!

About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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7 Responses to Tropical Storm Alex, and Flying Ants

  1. The dining area at my in-laws FILLED UP with those on Friday night! Nobody's sure how, because all the windows and doors were closed during the rain. Thousands of them. yuck.

  2. Sharee says:

    Debi – glad you are all well. We’ve been listening to the weather reports, of course and heard the Yucatan got a piece of Tropical Storm Alex. We are happy to read that you are OK and maybe the reports are a bit more dramatic than reality. (That’s how weather reports are in Oklahoma, until the reality of a tornado snatches up someone’s town and flings it all the way to Oz – you know, with the flying monkeys as opposed to flying ants – haha.) Oklahoma bugs right now are the usual suspects – mosquitoes and June Bugs. However we’ve had “Louis” for a couple of days – a luna moth. Brilliant! Just checking in – hello to Tom, Nancy and Barry as well!

  3. Tom and Debi says:

    Of Course you are correct Tranquilita (Diana), Alex was a Tropical Storm as it passed over the Peninsula, Thanks! I'll correct the post!
    CyK, I was unfamiliar with this ant phenomenon until we came here, but being from high altitutde, and arid climate its no wonder, just not the right conditions.
    Suk, Thanks for your words! You just can't avoid ants and mosquitos here, they are a part of life!
    Nancy, Yipes, no I am not familiar with your little winged ones, yuk!

  4. Nancy says:

    We've seen only a few ants over here. Our issue is a swarm of flying insects that have light green wings and a thin articulated body…almost worm like. WEIRD!! Started Saturday night and the pool was covered in them Sunday morning. Any idea what they might be??

  5. suk says:

    Debi, me too mosqitos, ants, rats, I got to kill it until all is gone from my house, Houston or merida . Maybe I am so obsessive about dieases working in the hospital, it drives me crazy if I see the mosqitos or flying ants or ants in some kitchens. I spray for everything. My body & any areas. I know it's very difficult to control in merida. I am glad we got screen windows for every windows & electic bug killer, it helps. One of my friend nurse visited her country Pillipin got dangai from mosqitos, she almost lost her life. She admitted to our hospital got multiple blood products & steroid for week. She is ok now. So becareful. Spray when you go out side. Lol suk

  6. I hate them too. We get a few every year here is AZ as well.

  7. Tranquilita says:

    Pero Alex nunca fue huracán :S En algún momento fue una amenaza de tal, pero ya al entrar a tierra su destino era ser tormenta y depresión tropical. Cuando Alex salga al Golfo hay una remota posibilidad de que vuelva a tomar fuerza. Pero sólo hasta que salga al mar lo sabremos.

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