Proclamation for an Animal Shelter near Progreso!

By the time we arrived, at 8:30 this morning, there was already quite a crowd;   Over the next 2 hours it grew, and diminished!
Today at the plaza municipal in Progreso, the Mayor of Progreso and the Governor of Yucatan were to have announced the donation of land AND the promise to build an Animal Shelter near Flamboyanes.
This is a landmark event, if it happened.  Unfortunately my Spanish is not top notch, and add to that listening to Spanish spoken over a loudspeaker I did not hear mention of the land or building.  I’ll have to confer with friends to see if it was mentioned and if I did in fact miss it! 

While waiting (nearly 2 hours) for the Governor to arrive the crowd was entertained by traditional dancers, a pet parade, the Police Band, and people arriving with their pets.

There were tables set up where people could bring their pets and receive a free rabies vaccination.  It was a terrific attendance and many dogs and cats were vaccinated.  There were fancy breed dogs and just plain old regular dogs, there were whole families with their family pet or pets!

Pets came by all sorts of transport.  These puppies had bits of ribbon as collar and leash, and the green mesh bag held the family cat.  Don’t be horrified or fearful, the bag is mesh and the young fellow was ver attentive, talking, stroking, being sure the kitty stayed calm.  These types of bags work very well because the injection can be given right through the mesh, keeping both cat and handlers safe.

And finally the Governor and dignitatries arrived, the crowd was there,  presentations and recognitions made,  

The Governor was recognized, but did not speak.

The Mayor of Progreso spoke

The Secretary of Health spoke

The Governor passed through the crowd, and when she departed in her entourage of shiny white vans the crowd quickly dispersed!

This would mark a significant event in that the State and Municipal Governments are noticing the problems of abused, abandoned, starving, and stray animals, and are making provision for their care.  Just the fact that they are now making the rabies vaccine available free of charge is a step.  The times they are a changin!

About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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3 Responses to Proclamation for an Animal Shelter near Progreso!

  1. mcm says:

    Hmmm — I wouldn't hold my breath on a new shelter. Even if an announcement was made, that doesn't necessarily mean anything (it's been over five years since a sanitary landfill was announced for Progreso, for example).
    The anti-rabies campaign is not really a new initiative — it's a national campaign, run through the state health departments, that takes place twice a year, and has for years (although Yucatan stands out for having no rabies-related deaths in 12 years, no cases of rabies in 16 months, and has done a very good job distributing vaccines among the population).
    This was very much a political event (multiple potential candidates for the next gubernatorial election were accompanying Yvonne).
    None of the above is meant to discredit the worthy cause, or the attention it's received — just to add some perspective. It would be great if I were wrong about the shelter!

  2. Jonna says:

    I can't believe they let that tall gringo in the last picture so close to Ibom. Seriously though, it's a good effort and I applaud you both (and Ibom too) for attending and getting involved.

  3. very good news indeed.

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