to Bacalar; there and back again, a birders tale

We decided recently to go to Bacalar, Chetumal which is a beautiful lagoon on the Caribbean side down near the border with Belize.   We were a rather large group of 13 going for some birding, and touring.

Tom and I were sharing a ride with friends, and we were caravaning with another car of 4 friends, and meeting up at our lodgings with another car of 5 new friends.

As we were loading our stuff in to the vehicle of the friends who were driving, a car pulled up and two people from TV Azteca came towards us.  They were interested to interview us, on film for a piece about what brought us to Merida and how we like living here, and what we like about living here.  I declined most fervently to do an on air interview.  However, others in the group were of a mind to grant the request. 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, who knows, I was enlisted to do the translation on both sides – first to interpret the question and relate it to the friend, then hear the friends response and translate it into spanish and into the mic. Once the interviews (3) were complete I returned to the packing as those interviewed gave their names to the TV Azteca crew.  Apparently the friends neglected to get cards from the crew and to find out when the piece would air, and the crew didn’t offer up the info.   So if any of you see anything that looks like a bunch of gringos being interviewed on the streets of Merida…..

We actually managed to be on the road only about an hour later than we anticipated.  The drive down was uneventful, one border stop, and two potty breaks.  Just at 4 hours driving time.

more later, and maybe some pictures…

Day 2 – Kohunlich; birding, ruins, rain, lunch, y mas…


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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3 Responses to to Bacalar; there and back again, a birders tale

  1. suk says:

    We enjoyed trip to bacalar & stayed hotel couple nt & went to chetumal & Belize. Way back stop mahuwal, spent nt & one nt @ coast line not many hotel but beautiful places. We traveled with BMW ride one week, bubble gum tattoo on both & bandana, that was such a good day our memory. Mexico is beautiful country, can't wait do some more, we will, I am not going to wait.

  2. Tom and Debi says:

    I wish you good luck in your travels. And better luck with your photos. I find the ones I took to be less than satisfactory.

  3. Steve Cotton says:

    On my next trip to your coast, I want to get down that way. Who knows, I may have shiny new cameras for that trip.

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