Harry Potter

So this past Sunday found us standing in a queue outside a Cinemark theatre in Pearland Texas waiting for the ticket office to open so we could buy our tickets to see the final installment in the Harry Potter movie series.

I am a big fan of both the books AND the movies; having read each book several times and watched each movie several times as well. I find the stories to be full of fun, friendship, adventure, challenge, and choices, both good and bad. I also really enjoy how closely the movies stay true to the books. I hate going to see a movie based on a book I’ve read and finding very little similarity between the two.

So, there we were – waiting – when the background music caught my ear, Christian, Jesus loves me kind of music, catchy beat….

Once tickets were bought the crowd was directed to line up in a hallway rather than to let us enter the designated theatre. While waiting in this queue we overheard some discussion bout how/why movies there could’nt start before noon. Seems the start times are predicated on the end times for the churches there??? Additionally, it seems the theatre hosts a church service. Now this was all just overheard in a conversation standing in a queue.

The movie was fabulous, stayed true to the book, and tied up the story nicely.

I did comment to Tom that I recall early on in the Harry Potter series that the religious right was highly derogatory about the stories and were even advising their followers to not read or watch them. What with all that witchcraft and wizardry –

Seems the ‘word’ has changed and they now see the positive and uplifting qualities to the stories. Seems if you can’t beat them you join them, and use them to your best advantage.

Or maybe I’m Just being critical and the change of heart was just a realization and acceptance of an error made??? I did/do still find it highly curious that they were always positive about the Narnia stories?? No sorcery or magic there…… Just me being negative and critical, probably from lack of sunlight, I need to get home!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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5 Responses to Harry Potter

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to comment as a true lover of all things Potter.
    Yes, I too remember all the stuff about witchcraft/ church etc. Funny how they go home for Christmas from Hogwarts. Anyway my problem is about the difference between the acceptance of the Narnia series, which I enjoy, and the movie The Golden Compass, which I loved but which failed to get a following because of bad press. It seems while CS Lewis was a famous Christian the unlucky author of The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman, was an atheist. This was exposed just as the film was released which sealed its fate. There should have been a sequel but all the movie got was an academy award for visual effects. Even an all star cast including Nicole Kidman couldn't save it. But, you can enjoy it -don't let scary press stop you. Safe for the whole family. I am Nancy W right here in Merida

  2. We saw the movie at the Galeria yesterday. Good ending, we enjoyed it. The subtitles add a little something when he-who-shall-not-be-named is muttering.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, the last time we saw you guys was standing in line at the theatre to see the previous Potter movie! (Have you watched Ground Hog Day lately?)

    Chronicles-of-Narnia series was written by the 20th century's foremost Christian apologist (and scholar of myth), CS Lewis, who had been an atheist prior to a motorcycle ride to the zoo, but was converted enroute! His account is brilliantly told (link below), in his autobiography, which is great help for anyone wrestling with belief issues, as atheism is an untenable “religiious belief” — it being nigh impossible to prove a negative:


    Hope to see you before the next Potter release!


  4. Ron says:

    We saw it on Saturday morning.

    Love the books, love the movies, love the iPad (tying into to an earler post of yours), which is downright Hogwartian in its magic 🙂

  5. Steve Cotton says:

    I am going to try to see it this afternoon in San Miguel. When I saw the last one (which I thought was almost without artistic redeeming value, I was the sole customer in the theater in Manzanillo.

    As for the Christians who did not like the movie, there were a few. But almost everyone in my church not only read the book, they enjoyed talking about its moral message. In fact my former pastor who visited me in Melaque last week talked quite a bit about the books and the movies.

    I suspect the phenomenon you witnessed was the same that has led so many of our American friends to believe Mexico offers nothing but violence.

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