Tom and I have Cablemas for our internet service,  we use them for TV as well. 
We started with Cablemas in 2006 in our rental apartment for the internet service.  They required no contract, and no set up fees.
Apparently that has changed, although my source of this info is somewhat suspect.
Also, I’ve been pondering getting a landline phone for local calling;  At present we have 2 cell phones. While the fees to call  other cels (oh, cellphones here are cel) and residential phones from the cellphone is reasonable, to call a numero particular (aka a Business line) is really expensive.  The last time I called Cablemas because our TV was pixelating I was on the phone 6 minutes and it was 80 pesos,  80 pesos – that’s like 6USD!
I don’t want Telmex – nothing against Carlos, I mean I use his Telcel service for my cellphones.  It’s just that Telmex charges high installation fees, and their rates are a bit high. Not to mention what I hear about their customer service.
One thing really frustrating for me here is the lack of documention and pricing.  To get the ‘Rules’ for a service is a pipe dream. Forget it.  Want to know what is included in your plan?  Ask a Service Rep,  ask a different Service Rep and get different stuff. 
Like trying to get info on how much  calls cost on the cel – every kiosk, agent, rep tells me something different.   AARRRGGGGGHHHHH!

A Guide from Cablemas that shows what channels we should be getting at our service level.  Well first off, it is a photocopy of a sheet, a very bad photocopy that is barely legible.  Then they cross off the stuff that is either not in your plan or no longer offered.  And then your channel lineup changes with no notification.  Ah, don’t get me started!  Tom is super pissed because AmericanNetwork (AN) just went away.  That was the channel he watched the most.

Pricing, ask one person and they have plan X for Y per month, ask some one else and plan X costs Z.

For instance, the other day on the phone with a sales rep in DF
I could get a Cablemas plan like this:

>40 channels TV, 3mbps internet, telephone with unlimited local calls and either 6mths of calls to USA or CA OR 3mths of free cel calls.  Which tells me the unlimited local calls are only to residential and business lines.  All for just 525pesos per month.
Now by calling DF I could pay the 525 on the 1st, 2nd, 4th month, and half that on the 3rd and 6th month, then 525 thereafter.    The package was the same, however the payment plan was not offered when I went to the local Cablemas office.

Add to that – I bought a second TV, Tom and I frequently have different viewing preferences, AND I like to have the TV when I am in the kitchen,  Now to add the 2nd cable was 120pesos installation from both sources – DF and local Rep.  However, the digital box rental was a completely different story.  With the DF rep 55pesos per month x 4mths, then 30 every month.  With the local office rep 160 per month x 2mths then 60 per month – I mean really, Come On!

could I get anything with the plans and pricing,  No!  Take notes!  heck even on the web page, the packages are listed, but no pricing.

For a Cablemas phone – the offer states unlimited local calls, which means residential lines, and business lines, but apparently not cels, although it isn’t stated.  I did find out that local cel calls would cost 1.3 pesos per minute, and National LD would cost 1peso per minute????  They couldn’t tell me about the cost for National 1-800 numbers????

OK, guess I’m about done!  Still haven’t made a decision though,  get a phone line, don’t get a phone line.  Cancel TV service, keep TV service.


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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8 Responses to Cablemas

  1. Merida Mikey says:

    AN has disappeared from SKY also.
    Where did it go???

    I do get upset that every time it rains, I lose SKY. Today, I lost it for over a half an hour waiting for the signal. Also, whenever I put on channel 625 which is Fox News, the TV goes crazy, I get a message it is “initialising”, and it eventually somes back on. (I didn't spell “initialising” incorrectly – that's what the TV screen says!) This has happened 3 or 4 times in a day.

    I have Telmex and can report no problems with telephones or internet.

    Depending on your perspective, one is as bad as the other, or as good as the other. You choose!

  2. Calypso says:

    WOW – the fact that any of these services and their options are confusing as hell is reason enough to get a Kindle and just read 😉

    I think they have these baffling terms and options to totally confuse the consumer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Debi,

    We're here also and Sky has lost AN also. The other issue of course is rain fade.

    So to get around all of this we are going to get the biggest internet pipe I can get and then we are going to internet TV. We watch many programs already this way and its just fine.


  4. Lida says:

    We have Telmex and so far so good, is not that expensive and the service is a lot better than Cablemas, if I ever have an issue with either phone/internet is solved withing a period of 24 hrs, most of the time less than that. I can say for sure I would never ever do bussiness with Cablemas again!

  5. Lee says:

    It will be a dark day when a major UConn basketball game is being played and we can't watch it. I keep praying that apps or some sort of Hulu website will fill in the gaps by the time we're there full time.

  6. We also have Telmex and pretty much similar plan as Barry. Last visit, when I arrived the DSL was out. There had been a bad storm a couple days prior. A call to Telmex and service restored by next morning.

    We don't watch much network TV in US, just HBO/Showtime for their great series (The Big C, Dexter, In Treatment, etc.). Hope we can get those shows when we get there full time.

    Good luck on your decision. Sounds maddening!

  7. Barry says:

    We use good ole Carlos (Telmex) for everything; Landline telephone, internet (1 meg DSL), and Television (DISH). We pay $236 mx for the landline. We pay $260 mx for the DSL. And we pay $206 mx for DISH.

    The landline was in the house when we bought it so I cannot attest to the installation cost. The 1 meg DSL is quite sufficient to run both of our computers. We did have a service issue with the DSL when they did an “upgrade” in the switching office. Once we put our complaint in writing and hand carried it to the main office downtown, it was fixed within hours.

    The Dish service has been great. But we don't get any of the major US stations, i.e., NBC, CBS or ABC. We don't miss them as we hate reality shows. We do get the quirky shows e.g., In Plain Sight, NCIS, Harry's Law, The Good Wife, etc.

    We get the usual satellite outage during rain storms – other than that we are very pleased with Carlos and the boys.

  8. Sam and Bob says:

    We are having similar problems recently with Telecable here in SMA. At times it can be very frustrating.

    Good luck.

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