funny how you just get used to things a certain way…

Tom and I have been buying our coffee from Cafe Organico for several years now. If you are in the area (Mérida) it is located on Calle 33D por 72(Ave. Reforma), in the Centro Comercial Colón.

We always get the Italian Roast (tostado italiano), and very fine grind (molido fino). The italian roast is their darkest roast. Well about a month ago their grinder broke. They were bringing in bags of already ground coffee, or you could always buy the whole beans and grind it yourself (why didn’t I think of that?)

We happened in one day when they were out of our roast, so instead of thinking it through and buying the beans, I do have a grinder, somewhere! I said no problem, we’ll come back. We, I don’t often go up to where the cafe organico is so we ended up completely out of coffee. No problem, I ran, walked, well actually I drove the 6 or so blocks to Chedraui and bought some coffee there; Chedraui brand, their Gourmet selection. It ended up on the compost pile. Guacala!

We went without coffee a few days, then I bought some Gravat, which is what a bunch of people here use. Neither Tom nor I ever finished a full cup, and we pitched nearly a full 12cup pot everyday.

We are used to and enjoy our Organic, Chiapan grown, Italian Roast, fine grind coffee.

We happened to be up in that area the other day running errands and we stopped in – the grinder is fixed, the container was full of italian roast beans, we have coffee, and we are very happy.

We drained the full pot yesterday – it was a very good day!

They do deliver, I even have the number, 9999252831, so someone tell me – why don’t I just call and get it delivered?????? Add to that “Way up There” is maybe 3 miles???? GEEEEESHHHHHH!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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6 Responses to funny how you just get used to things a certain way…

  1. Rainie, If I had to drink what I purchased at the Super, I'd give up on coffee altogether. There is hope! AND there is good coffee at Cafe Organico!

    Tancho, Doubtful, but I bet we could put some in the post for you! Hmmm, roasting my own beans…..No, Thanks, I'm for buying them already done! Odd, though, cuz I don't use other convenience things…hmmmmm

    Jim, be seeing you soon – Yes?

    Theresa, You know, I've never sat there and had coffee. I just buy stuff and take it home. Good coffee has nothing to do with being inflexible, if you like it you drink it, if you don't, you don't. I have quite a following going to other peoples blogs – Cool!

    Nancy, well you know how I feel about ice cream! eeeschkkkkkk
    I think I have tried Blason in the way past, still I do like my stuff from Cafe Organico.

    hanks all

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who would have thought, I go there too but also because the ice cream is wonderful.
    I also like Oaxacan coffee and Blason makes a variety of coffees.
    Nancy W

  3. Debi, Blason espreso roast is pretty good for off the shelf. We like to have a cup of coffee at the organic place when we eat lunch at Platos Rotos.
    As for habits, I think it's because (don't hate me for saying it) we're getting older and one sign is being less flexible mentally. Though, having moved to a foreign country with a new language ought to keep us mentally challenged enough combat (what was I saying? oh yeah) Alzheimer's.
    I also get a lot of traffic from your blog!

  4. Jim Cook says:


    Speaking of coffee, my wife and I will be visiting Mérida in January for about 10 days. We were hoping to invite you out for a cuppa joe.

    My site meter tells me that my blog, “Jim and Carole's Mexico Adventure”, gets more referrals from your blog than almost any other source!

    If you'd like to get together, email me a jcmx07(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    Best regards, Jim Cook

  5. Tancho says:

    Do they deliver to Patzcuaro?
    Luckily we have a local restaurant that sells their dark roast coffee that we purchase in a pinch. We also started buying green coffee beans and roasting ourseleves. I happen to have an old roaster that I bought years ago, and took it out of retirement and now roast my own beans. I can certainly undertant the store bought off the shelf coffee issue, we bougt some and after 3 or 4 cups also tossed the bags.
    I am amazed at what people drink down here. Even the Starbucks stores in Morelia brew weaker coffee than NOB, I guess Mexicans don't enjoy dark roast coffees like Gringos do……

  6. Rainie says:

    I suffered through bad supermarket coffee and told myself I was just learning to accept whatever–good or bad—that our host country has to offer. Your post gave me a renewed sense of hope for finding that perfect cup of coffee…and maybe other things as well.

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