My iPad2, an update!

There’s an Apple in Merida!

An Apple Authorized Service Center that is! –

The Store is called Avante,

and this is their web link

I was just there! The staff were all friendly, and many of them speak English. Well at least as well as I speak Spanish, so most anyone with some Spanish can work it.
You’ve got to be able to help out some!

I can’t take credit for this discovery, Barry and Yesenia found it –
Barry told me, now I’m telling you!

The map on their web link is pretty good, but for more concise directions write this down;
calle 23 x 16 y 18 #107B, Col Chuburna. Since most everyone knows where CostCo is here in Merida that is where I’ll start – if you are heading North on Technologia you make a U turn at the retorno right at the CoctCo, Now the instructions will be the same if you are coming South on Technologia, You make a Right on 23A, go till you get to the stop sign, then make a Right, then at 23 go Left, The store front is on the Right just at the corner by the Stop Sign – this is what it looks like.

Now for the sad news, sort of! My iPad2, that I got in July while in Houston, is being replaced. I’m not sure I’m happy. First, they have to keep it in order to get me the replacement, so I am Ipad-less right now. While waiting and pondering my decision I sat and emailed myself a bunch of stuff from the iPad, Notes, Photos, etc. Then I did a RESET – sort of like a computer FORMAT command -I hope – to erase all my personal info.

Now that I am home, the note things I sent made it – but no photos came???Did I not give them enough time between sends, who knows, the photos are gone!

I probably should have come home with it, tried to sync it all to my computer then erased it, but the last time I tried a sync the iPad to the computer the iPad froze – I could turn it off, couldn’t get any response when once again attached to the computer. Finally after letting it sit for 24 hours I got it started by doing a hard reboot, which involved three things pushed simultaneously for some determined length of time. Of course I lost all my stuff.

In telling Tom about the event I was telling him, This is what I think happened, and what I think will be happening…He hates that kind of stuff, but hey, I am trying to conduct business in Mexico with knowing proper Spanish!

So what I think is – They can’t repair the iPad, It’s under warranty, I’ll get a new one, an English one, should be in tomorrow, or Monday, maybe Tuesday, call him to check if its here/there!

Lots of people ask me if I LOVE the iPad. No, I don’t love it, I do like it quite a bit. I probably would prefer an iPhone, or iTouch, now that I know what I know. The iPad is great if you travel alot. But for everyday carryin around it gets heavy, and bulky. And I do like the everyday carryin around part.


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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5 Responses to My iPad2, an update!

  1. And they are not open on Saturdays!

  2. Rainie – So far the Service has been fab!

    Marianne – I do believe things have changed since your experience.

    Ron – I agree, for traveling about, you couldn't get much easier. And I agree, 3G here in MX is pricey – in fact quite out of my comfort zone!


  3. Ron says:

    I love my iPad 1. I use it everyday on my bus commute, with 3G data plan.

    Just wifi when in Mexico, though. Carlos Slim likes to get a lot of money for 3G data from us extranjeros 🙂

  4. Marianne says:

    Beware. They've got a new sign, but still in Chiburna and may be the same one where I had a terrible experience three years ago. My laptop was under warranty, but they still tried to charge me. And it took a trip back to the U.S., about 8 hours of phone time, and 2 Genius Bar appointments to get it back to normal, as they didn't use my start-up discs that I'd left with them. Instead, they used ones for this region, which made the keyboard crazy. I could go on-and sincerely hope these are new people.

  5. Rainie says:

    I've been looking at the ipad2 and see that with only one click it totally converts from Spanish to English…not just the text but also all the app names. But,I'm not buying til I hear how your negotiations come out. Keeo us posted.

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