cell phone dilemmas

Tom and I both have cellphones.  It’s what we use here, well that and our VOIP number we use to call and be called from the States.

I am seriously pondering adding a landline through our cable provider.

Tom’s phone, well it was our phone the first year we were here since we rarely went anywhere not together, was a gift; Cast off from a friend. So it is probably 8 or 9 years old.  Then I purchased a very budget cell phone.  Both have served us well.  I highly endorse Nokia.   

Both of our cellphones are experiencing age related symptoms.  The batteries no longer hold a charge, and all the numbers and letters have worn off the keypad on mine.

I want a smart phone, I’d love an iPhone, at least a 4 but the newest 4S would be uber cool.  How does one justify that expense? I am having a hard time.  I can get a Samsung smart phone for about 250US, the iPhone is 700+US.

OMG – the options and details on cellphones is staggering,  How does a rube make a decision????

I don’t want a plan, I want to do pay-as-you go, I want to connect wi-fi, not 3G so unlocked, I want email, facebook, web search, camera-good camera, games, googlemaps, qwerty keyboard, pretty simple stuff really, but I also want touch screen.

Anyone want to do the research and tell me which is best to get – and for the best price – while still speaking to my geekiness that wants cool and fancy.   I hate shopping 

Anyone want to sell their used uber cool smart phone really cheap so they can buy the newest and coolest?


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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6 Responses to cell phone dilemmas

  1. You a funny guy, I don't mind rough, but I'm not sure about a phone with Bible apps, it might burst in to flames when I touch it!

  2. I could get just about anything I want if I go with a plan. I just really don't need a plan. I spend about 100-150pesos a month sing my cel. I should go in and ave a chat just to see what are my options.

  3. I also wanted an Iphone but could not justify the price. So I did a ton of research and someone other than me might as well use it!

    The best month to month plan I found was with Virgin Mobile. This is the smart phone I went with:


    It has everything you are looking for and plans range from $35/month up to $55/month for unlimited everything. Yes, everything: talk/text/data (web stuffs) and it has a great camera!

    You can also find it on Amazon:


    I love this phone and it has made by life so much better…yes, a life-changing phone…who knew?

  4. Debbie says:

    Just got a Samsung Galaxy Android phone and our son, who's a geek, has one too. My Tom and La Princesa have iPhones. To me, I don't see anything the iPhone has that my Android phone can't do. I've had no problem getting apps to do anything I want (I love having google translate wherever I go). It has a great camera – don't need to carry my point-and-shoot anymore. So I'd vote for the Samsung/android phone, but a mac person might disagree.

  5. Steve Cotton says:

    I bought a too-expensive Windows-based telephone to run my Quicken, astronomy, ad Bible applications. But I have really roughed up the telephone. Considering how often I use the internet, I a surprised I have never signed up for email or internet access. I am not certain what I will buy when I replace this telephone. I would sell you mine, but I like you.

  6. sparks_mex says:

    I just got an Iphone, but a 3S, thru Telcel. It was all they offered with their package and I didn't know about a '4'. It and my modem cost me nothing altho I had to pay $2700 pesos up front and sign a years contract but I have no bills for over 3 months.

    Telcel has tons of packages and without Telmex in our area, I wanted Internet. You say you don't want a package but I would talk to Telcel.

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