Tom’s medical procedure

For about a year Tom has had this small rash type thing on the left side of his neck.  Since he also has small patches of psoriasis we thought that’s what it was as it seemed to respond to the lotion he uses.  It flared once and developed a open type sore and after the sore went away there was a small knot under the skin.  It recently flared again  so we went to his dermatologist and to make this story short he had surgery Monday May 28th at 4PM to remove a basal cell carcinoma.    

It was done as an in office surgical procedure with local anesthetic.  

The dermatologist assures us that all will be fine,  it is very slow growing type of cancer, it doesn’t metastasize and the removal will be a success.  

Tom checked it all out on the internet to understand things and he’s pleased that he doesn’t have to watch!   But he will be awake.  In fact, I was in the office, and the music was on and the dermatologist sang while performing the surgery!  Tom says she has a very nice voice.

The dermatologist wants Tom to be still and quiet for ten days.  I have assured her that that will likely not happen!  😉  

So the surgery was yesterday, all went well, Tom has a huge patch on his neck and is not supposed to move his neck and not supposed to go outside.

Oh give me strength!

So for those of you curious about medical procedures (all prices are in pesos)

Dermatologist visit = 600
pre surgical bloodwork = 560
surgical, in office procedure = 5000
biopsy = 2000
pain med and antibiotic = 225
In home nursing care = price unmeasureable
follow up visits = don’t know yet


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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20 Responses to Tom’s medical procedure

  1. Indeed, very thankful on all counts!

  2. All has gone well, the stitches were out Thursday, the biopsy shows all the margins are clean – we are ready to move on!

  3. Ah Rainie – Been there done that – you must'v missed that post


  4. Eventually Tom will need a colonoscopy and I look forward to the photos. Happy he did well.

  5. Barb says:

    Oh how scary! I'm glad that all should be well. Still, your heart must have stopped beating for a short time when you got the diagnosis.

  6. Merida Mikey says:

    Here's wishing Tom a speedy recovery. How smart it was to catch this problem early, and thank God it was basal cell and not melanoma. He's smiling down on you! And may He continue to do so.

  7. It is pretty amazing isn't it. One of the many indeed!

  8. Thanks Arturo, appreciate the thoughts!

  9. I'm afraid to even think about what this would have cost in the States. He'll up and running in no time, although right now his milking this cow for all she's worth!

  10. Oh Kevin, scarves would be lovely, can you drop a few over?

  11. It is big isn't it! He did get drugs, don't know if they are any good though. He hasn.t actually had any pain, well other than me!

  12. Thanks – I think it will all go smoothly, just wish we had done it when it wasn't so hot!

  13. Thanks Nancy – Can he come stay the night – I'm going to the Hyatt!

  14. Steve Cotton says:

    Another example of the reasonableness of medical expenses in Mexico. One of the joys of living here.

  15. arturo novelo says:

    My best for both of you, Have a fast recovery Tom. Un abrazo.

  16. Tancho says:

    glad to see that it was caught early, speedy recovery!
    NOB, would have been at least 5k plus, the follow ups…….

  17. Kevin says:

    Deb, I bet you have a few lovely scarves that would cover up that unattractive patch so Tom could venture out and do some grocery shopping.

  18. Anonymous says:

    That certainly is a big bandage. Take it easy Tomas and rest, and Deb if he has any good drugs…you may need them.


  19. Calypso says:

    Here's to quick recovery for both Tom's and your sake 😉

  20. Nancy says:

    10 days?? You need a break I know a guy here who will come and hold T's hand.

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