To enhance your showering experience….

OK, just a word of advice and warning for any of you doing a remodel of your bathroom; particularly the shower.

Be sure there is a slope or slant in your floor, that it slopes towards the drain, which is NOT placed directly under where you stand to shower, and that your flooring within the shower is very grippy/rough/textured, whatever it takes to not be slippery! 

Get the valves to turn your water on and to make temperature adjustments set off side so that you don’t get wet while adjusting or turning on your water.

Be sure you have a bench or shelf built that is big enough and that will support your weigh AND that it is not directly under the shower head.  Ladies, keep leg shaving in mind for this design feature.

OK, that’s my twocents!

About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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5 Responses to To enhance your showering experience….

  1. Dang Debi. From the title I thought the article was going to be a tad racy. 🙂

  2. I think its more about aesthetics than functionality. And it needs to have drama impact. And sometimes they've just not thought of it!
    Maybe they'll hear us and pay attention?

  3. Indeed it is difficult to get some to do things differently than they've done before, but be firm, be stubborn.

    I got all these things EXCEPT the drain, I stand on or straddle over the darn thing, I hate it!

    My current pet peeve is arquitects/builders/designers/whatevers that put river rock in the shower area – sure it 'looks' really pretty, and if this is in a bathroom that never gets used, great. Those rocks have to be regularly removed and cleaned, ugh!!!!!

  4. Convincing the plumber to install the shower controls on the opposite end of the space from the shower head was pretty difficult. “Are you sure?” “Are you sure?”

    But you know what? It works perfectly. You can tell from the splattering water if it is hot or cold and move over to see if it is “just right.” You don't have to stand in the water to turn the water on in the first place or to adjust it (and accidentally get shocked with cold or burned by too hot).

    Simple thing, but almost never seen, unless you have a shower built for you.

    A bench is such a great thing. Not everyone can balance on one leg while washing each foot or the backs of their legs, etc. A nice cement bench covered in tile is very handy and makes a great place to leave the shampoo bottle. 😉

    All this sounds so simple. But why are these things so rarely seen?

  5. You could make way more than two cents with this EXCELLENT advice! Why do architects and builders NOT know these things?????

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