Day 3 – Houston till 4pm, then off for destination 2 

WTF – awake at 5am thinking about the stuff I forgot, the stuff I want, should I take 3 pr of shoes or just the 2 pr I originally decided on…

okay, one last shopping excursion, ziploc baggies, almonds and raisins for the flight, baby wipes, ….

One thing I’ve been thinking about is how much easier it would be living in the United States.  No language barrier, no cultural barrier, seriously It would be ay easier living here.  Also, we’ve been commenting on how much less expensive things are here. Clothes, food, dry goods, well for the most part, not across the board, – electronics, appliances, furniture across the board cheaper. Definitly need to discuss this at more depth.

About 1:15 Thursday, Houston time we headed out for the airport.  It was a long flight, we took off at 4pm, we tried to upgrade our seats, but couldn’t – the plane was full and had been sold out for quite some time. This flight was full of screaming kids, it was nerve wracking. I had intended to read but all I could do was watch movies at full volume to deaden the screeching. And there were so many young kids, teenage kids, a christian youth group going to Romania to stamp out poverty one village at a time, a Boy Scout troop on their way to Paris for who knows what benevolent humanitarian project.

So about 8am AMSTERDAM time, 2am Yucatan time we roll in to Amsterdam. I was hoping to have a look around he airport but our flight was a bit late so all we could do was race a great distance because our gate got changed through the airport without even seeing it. 

Our connecting flight, about 2 1/2 hrs long, deposited us in our Country location of da da da daaaaaa – España, first stop Madrid.

So here it is 7:43 Yucatan time/2:43 Madrid time, and that is my last time conversion, from now on the time is the time wherever I am.

We’ve been up a looong time.  I have to say , KLM is a great airline.  I’ll talk more about them later, but for now, here it is nearly 3pm, we are in Madrid, and I hear a tapas bar screaming our names.


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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6 Responses to Day 3 – Houston till 4pm, then off for destination 2 

  1. Nope, just looking at the prices of clothes, toiletries, electronics, apples, cans of corn, sheets, car parts, etc. WAY cheaper than Merida.

    Actually Tom and I have said all along, that for us, compared to our costs in Colorado Springs, the major decrease was for Health Insurance – it was going to cost us 14,000 per year vs the 2000 it costs in Merida. Our property taxes were the same as our fidecomiso. Our utilities were cheaper, our grocery bills were cheaper…

  2. Well I may ave been in a spending stupor of bliss when. Made thosecstaements but its just so nice to go to one store and FIND stuff. And for me its shoes, I can't find shoes in Merida.
    But I do stand by the ease part. People in cars stop and wait for you to pass, there is a respectful distance between cars when driving, I know there are just as many agruments FOR living in Merida, I mean I do live here AND love it, but oh its nice to visit and shop the USofA.

  3. Where all will she be, maybe we'll cross paths. We are not going to the Olympics, in fact the Olympics are why we are in Spain in stead of our originally planned England, scotland, Wales trip.

  4. Barry says:

    When you were checking prices, did you check on the cost of property taxes, natural gas, electricity or water? What about car, house or health insurance? Are all of these things cheaper too?

  5. Paul says:

    Way easier to live in the U.S.? I don't think so. Unless you have unlimited amounts of money and blinders on. It would be kind of like living on a cruise ship year round. A few days are kind of fun but not a lifetime stuck with with the same awful dining partners every night.

    I'm confident some sangria and tapas will return you to your senses. If not, may I suggest a pilgrimage to Santiago? And some more hammock time.

    Have fun, guys. Be safe and adventurous.

  6. Calypso says:

    My daughter leaves for Spain Monday (from Connecticut). Going to the Olympics?

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