Tuesday, 10 July, traveling to Portugal

Tuesday, 10 July, traveling to Portugal

We left Sevilla, España at 3pm, about 4:30pm we passed in to Portugal and shortly therefter made a super quick stop in Castro Marim. Castro Marim has a huge castle which would be really cool to explore. Castro Marim sits along the river, and has a definite beach resort feel about it.

The ride so far has been quite enjoyable, the scenery has been lovely. The seats are a bit narrow, at least by our big butt American standards. There are plenty of open seats on the bus for us to spreadout should we so desire.

As soon as we passed in to Portugal we passed several small communities built on to the hillside and all houses are white with red tile roofs.

Oh, and no stop at Customs was required. We did have to show our passports to buy the tickets, but so far no one has asked to see them.

So apparently we are completely wrong about our bus route because we now see what appears to be the Ocean on our left. Ok, a sign just confirmed, we are passing Tavira, which is in fact on the ocean/sea.

We have made several stops. Quite tedious – should you ever find yourself in the bus station in Faro, don’t, nuff said!

So a while ago we pull into a gas station restaurant combo, we think ok, refill. Nope, think again, 30 minute break, arrrrggghhhhh, just get me to frickin Lisbon. So we walk around abit then decide to see if he restaurant or the gas station has wifi, the gas station does so in we go, unfortunately we couldn’t connect. BUT, we found, ok, hold your breath, Ketchup flavored Ruffles.


Yep, I know, who is the genius that thought this up. Of course I bought a bag, in spite of having to listen to Tom’s derision, and the heavy price tag. 1.85€ yipes! But oh after that first chip flavor exploded in my mouth, heaven!

Back on the road, landscape has changed more rolling hills and open spaces than he hilly mountainous before. Lots more livestock, cattle, sheep. Before it was more agricultural. Still lots of sunflower fields, and olive trees have changed or citrus.

One thing I’ve noticed is how much I miss a vista, a view, the horizon. In Mérida, for those of you who’ve not been, we are flat. The peninsula is on a limestone shelf and for the most, there are of course the exceptions, we are very flat. I think that lack of physical view or vista translates into our perceptions as well, I feel more open. Like I now have more breadth. I don’t feel like I miss out in Mèrida, I just feel like i become content in a smaller area, more content in my encapsulation.

Oh boy, we’re starting to see fields of grapevines.

We made it! We’re in Lisbon, in our room, ready for bed after eating a great meal, and drinking yet another great bottle of wine, white this time.

I’ll have to add pictures later. Adding pictures with Blogsy is a real pain. But I’ll do it, honest! Just keep checking back!



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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7 Responses to Tuesday, 10 July, traveling to Portugal

  1. kathron.net says:

    Wonderful reports!!

    We look forward to hearing more about your trip!!

    Ron and Kathy

  2. I have better pictures but it's so darn tedious with this ipad/blogsy combo, and we are just so busy it is hard to take the time. I am so backed up,i'll try to get better pictures as soo as we get home

  3. We did indeed go up to the castle do são jorge today, and the views are indeed amazing.
    We had the sardine paté last night and I was under impressed, which really surprised me because I am a sardine fan. I am currently enamored with the fresh sardines in vinegar and grilled gilthead.
    Heading to Oporto tomorrow!

  4. We've been sticking with the house wines and haven't been disappointed yet. I did read your irritation at those crazy letter tests. I just recently initiated that to stop anonymous posts that don't sign. I hate anonymous posts with no signature! So what is our compromise? I don't really want to have to approve every comment, not that I get that many, but it feels awkward. Plus I'm not that diligent. Maybe I'll allow anonymous just to keep you coming back!

  5. Steve Cotton says:

    I love Lisbon. If you have the time, go up to the Castle of São Jorge and just sit and enjoy the view. I have spent hours up there. And, if you did not find sardine pate in Spain, try it in Lisbon. You will find it in almost every cafe.

  6. Calypso says:

    There is some terrific wine in Portugal – I learned years ago countries do not export their best wine (or tequila) – you have to be there – there you are – pop a cork or two for us.

    Have you read my recent Blog entry on the crazy letters to prove I am not a robot.

  7. What a great time!…i could feel the sun in the bus pic!It feels like a holiday!

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