a rant

I’m totally pissed and about to go on a rant, so if you don’t want to hear negative things about living here in Merida you should leave now!

I had a number of things planned to get done at the house today.

  • I have a gardener that comes every other Thursday; he mows the grass, weeds whatever I’ve missed and does limb trimming and hole digging as needed.  I tend to do work in the garden while he is here. Today is his day to be here.
  • I had planned to get a load of laundry washed and hung out. 
  • A friend was to stop by at 9.  
  • I have Spanish class from 12:30 to 2, 
  • Mimi is coming to trim dog nails, 
  • and we’re going to friends tonight for dinner and cards.  A full day!

I woke this morning with a killer headache and all congested in the head – no big deal, I can work through that.

The gardener didn’t show, and didn’t call, and might not show up at all, or he could show up next week, ni modos!

Neighbors are burning stuff, persistently, and I am now sequestered in the office with the a/c on because the smoke is so bad that it has caused my asthma to flare, I can’t breathe, my chest hurts, and my throat is closing up.  Probably they started early and that is why I woke with a headache

The friend that came suggested to write a note describing my problem with the smoke, making copies, and giving it to all the neighbors.  I have explained my problems with our next door neighbor, with whom we are on friendly terms, to no avail.  Still it might be a good idea.

I didn’t get the laundry done, good thing, I’d have had to re-wash.

I am missing my Spanish class because of the headache and difficulty breathing, I just can’t bear the thought of getting dressed and getting there, much less trying to concentrate, in a foreign language.

It’s been illegal to burn trash here for years, but, well……  You can call the bomberos, and the health department about burning, but you have to know the address.  And for the most part the frontages are solid walls and it’s very difficult to know from exactly where the smoke is coming.

So they are still burning, hours later, I am a prisoner!

I HATE it!   What can I say or do to get my neighbors to understand??????

Would this be happening if I lived farther North in an area of more prosperity, with the assumption/presumption of higher education, understanding, environmental conscientiousness?

who knows, it is what it is!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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12 Responses to a rant

  1. Unknown says:

    Same problem here, one one side is a large poor family who prefer burning trash than paying to have it taken away (and some other rather dubious smells come from their back yard), and on the other side is a nice house kept by some rich Yucatecos who use it every couple of weeks for loud late-night parties. 6 and 2 3s whether living with rich people or poor people is better!

    P.s. it's adamathefrog from expatforum.com, drop me a mail at adama(a)memetic(o)org, thanks!

  2. Your Rant is my Rant – we are like minded!

  3. Yeah, but most of the stuff was here, at home! That's like saying you can't brush your teeth AND take a shower!

  4. Calypso says:

    The inconsiderate burning is a way of life in Mexico. We have problems with it in both Veracruz and Oaxaca – in each and every place we have lived in Mexico there has been burning issues.

    The government has tried to teach the locals not to burn trash, especially plastics, but it simply is ignored. But, enforcement is almost non-existent. I have idea what makes these people tick in this regard.

    It is maddening, and most certainly NOT a localized problem – north, south, east, west it is everywhere. End of MY rant 😉

  5. Steve Cotton says:

    I think you missed the cause of all this. You scheduled six things for one day? In Mexico? Two, maybe. Three, absolute tops. Six? You were just tempting the Apocalypse.

    Warn me next time you schedule that many things. I am going to break out my hurricane kit.

  6. and just how do you 'train' them????

  7. Barry says:

    Would this be happening if you lived further north – probably not. Would you have a completely self-centered neighbor that does something inappropriate, disgusting and annoying – yes. Unfortunately, the world is full of thoughtless people. You have to take them on one at a time and “train” them to be respectful of others. Go get em girl.

  8. norm says:

    Sore point. They are junkers. Lots of junk in the back yard. I complained to them about it and told them I was planting a ceder hedge to block the “view”. Planted 200 trees in May-they all died. I plant hedges for people as a sideline, have pretty good luck most of the time. I might lose one or two trees out of a hundred in a bad year. Most years I get 100%. Linda thinks the neighbors went down the line and pulled them up or something. I'm thinking a poison maybe. The tree idea did not work in 2012. I'm looking at a Rose of Sharon hedge next year. They grow fast and tolerate being twisted into an English Hedge. I have my eye on 200 that are four years old that need thinned from some landscaping I take care of.

  9. what about a tree wall?

  10. norm says:

    It runs 24/7/365.
    We live in the country, their house is 200-300 yards away but we are up hill at the point where the smoke settles in a “smoke bank”. I've bought another place but hate to give up the country site where we are at now because of the view. The new place(built in 1880) is in town. I just don't know if I'm ready for town living.
    The township claims that it is going to address the issue because the other neighbors are having a fit but the way government works here, I'll be long dead before that eternal fire is put out.

  11. aaack, how often does that thing run, can you mount the hose so it points at it, and have a remote switch to turn it on

  12. norm says:

    My neighbors have one of those outdoor burners for heating their water and the house. We are ready to move. I feel for you.

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