so pretty, look at my new washer!

oh so pretty! just look at my pretty new front loading washer.   I used to have to run big bulky loads of dog beds, dog blankets, and rugs to the laundromat because they threw my top loading washer out of balance (you can read about that here)

Now I have this, no more out of balance, although it does move around a little bit.  

These machines frequently come with an option to purchase base that lifts the machine 12 – 15 inches off the floor.  There was not one available when I purchased this machine, so Tom had to build me one.  It’s fabulous, just the right height, and this one will be easy to clean under, so all around a bonus.  He did however put silicone glides on the bottom.  Ah well, keeps life interesting!

you can’t tell but there are two dog blankets, a towel, and 3 rugs in the machine – this would have been 2 loads in my old machine!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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8 Responses to so pretty, look at my new washer!

  1. CorollaRN says:

    Beautiful….red…and fast…What more could you ask for?? As far as the lavanderia goes, I am still laughing at the thong undies I got last year. When we returned our “gift”, we all laughed! This year, she put a real gift in there, and when I tried to return the bracelet, she said it was for me!!! I love those ladies….Next week, we do our own again 😦

  2. Stan says:

    Love the red color, and nice job on the base, Tom! How could such sweet girls generate stinky bedding?

    When I had my stuff done at Lavenderia San Juan during my recent visit, they swapped out a pair of my boxers for a little guy's with soccer cartoon embellishment. I hope the husband at the casa where mine ended up doesn't get suspicious of his esposa…

  3. my stuff goes out on the line, no dryer, although we did have the connections installed during the remodel. other than the super – getting me out shopping is quite the chore, Tom did the shopping, then made me go see it before he'd buy it! I kept saying, just get it, bring it home, hook it up, but NO, I had to go look at it!

  4. I find in house laundry to be far preferable to having to take it out, and go pick it up! but to each his own, it would get me out of the house I guess, does your landress do stinky dog beds and blankets???

  5. Kevin says:

    It's a sad state of affairs when the most exciting thing in your life is a new clothes washer. (I love appliances and will wander though appliance stores just to see what's new on the market.) Do you line dry or machine dry your clothes? Aside from soft fluffy towels, I don't understand why people use machines.

  6. Steve Cotton says:

    Looks nice. I have always been a front-load washer owner. In Mexico, though, all of my clothes go to the local laundress. She is even better.

  7. norm says:

    Over the years I've invested in different things to try and make my life easier. One of the best returns on investment was the money invested in our laundry. We installed a pair of the front loaders and an 8 cubic foot dryer. The kids could come home from school and wash and dry their stuff in one pass. The pile of wet dirty stuff from beach trips and camping could be cleaned up in half a day, a job that took two or three days before the mega laundry went into service. I think the best part of the front loaders is the amount of water they expel from the washed cloths, dry times are cut 75%, over the years, that factor alone has paid for the washers cost.

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