what a pain in the ass!

The Free Dictionary  provides this –

pain in the ass and a pain in the butt; a pain in the rear

Fig. a very annoying thing or person. (Crude. Potentially offensive. Use only with discretion. An elaboration of pain. Use caution with ass. Butt is less offensive. Rear is euphemistic.) That guy is a real pain in the ass. Things like that give me a pain in the butt.
See also: asspain

I went to the Hospital today – to the Urgencias (Emergency Room).   For those of you who know me know this must be something – else I am having a complete collapse. That or something is changing and with age I am becoming either more wise or more cautious.

On Sunday, while the dogs were inside eating, I took the adorable little kitten of the previous post outside for some sunshine.  He explored, sniffed about and in general took in some sun (vitamin D) and had a bit of exercise.   After about 15 minutes I picked up kitty and was carrying him in to the house to return him to his cage.  Well as we were passing the dogs kitty had a fright and while trying to escape my hold bit me good, and then fell to the ground amidst the dogs.  Ceniza immediately set to getting him, and then me to getting Ceniza, and the other dogs joining in for the fun.   I managed to snatch kitty up before Ceniza could.

A lot of drama ensued that I just can’t get in to and it was an hour before I could do more than just wrap a paper towel around my finger to stop the bleeding.  When I was able I scrubbed the wounds thoroughly, pushed and pushed to flush the wounds and doused them liberally with both peroxide and betadyne.  I checked and peeled away any skin flaps.  Good job, clean and dry.  Well, Not!

Kitty is being treated for numerous parasites and transmitted to me some pretty nasty bacteria.  So this is what my finger looked like Monday morning.  

I began a regimen of 4 or 5 times a day soaks in hot water with epsom salts and garlic.  Garlic is both antibacterial and inflammatory, and salt is just an all around good cleanser and healer.  Also on Monday I stopped by a farmacia and got a prescription for an antibiotic, Cefalexina – 500 mg 2 x per day. The box of 20capsules cost me 56pesos.

So today, Wednesday this is what the finger looks like, the inflammation is intense, but there is no pus so the infection is being kept at bay.

 Unfortunately I don’t think the antibiotic is doing the trick.  So that is what precipitated the trip to the hospital.  Unfortunately I don’t have who I would consider a general physician.

The swelling is immense, the stiffness is well stiff as a board, attempts to bend are met with nearly intolerable pain, the skin is so sensitive, well I could go on…still only the clear liquid coming out, so no pus, that’s good, but it’s just not improving.

So off to Clinica de Merida,  I’ve actually been to this hospital several times, but always in attendance to others.  This is first time I’ve met a Dr there that didn’t or wouldn’t speak English, but we did just fine.   He looked at the finger, made some faces, did a thorough cleanse, opened the wound, was surprised that there was no pus and declared I needed a stronger antibiotic,,,,administered as shots, in my arse.  He gave me a script for 3 doses of antibiotic which I had to go to the farmacia to buy.  Tom did that while I paid my hospital bill.  270pesos for the consulta, and 26pesos for the supplies used.

We returned with the antibiotics to the nurse, she asked where were the needles/syringes????  so back to the farmacia to buy 3 needles.  Then back to the nurse where she instructed Tom on administering the next 2 days injections as she administered today’s injection.  I am to return Saturday for a followup check and a 4th injection, if needed.

So this antibiotic Megion IM 1g solution, x 3 dosis was 900pesos, holy crap this stuff better work!,  and 3 5ml syringes were 10pesos.

so there you have my current medical experience – what a pain in the ass!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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2 Responses to what a pain in the ass!

  1. My friend Marianne sent me this email – I decided to share it because cat bites really are more serious than we give credit to

    When I just read your “bite” blog, it gave me chills because I suffered the same thing. When our present cat was little, I had her in a harness leash on our front porch when two large neighbor dogs charged her. She grabbed onto my hand with her teeth for protection, and I got several small puncture wounds in my hand. I promptly washed them and put on some topical antibiotic and got busy with the weekend. Well, by the next afternoon, I could see redness going up my arm – so off to the ER, where they gave me a dose of IV antibiotics. Explaining that a cat bite is one of the most dangerous injuries you can have, they only released me when I promised to show up the next morning in the office of disease infection specialists…

    Okay, so watch for any redness, fever, etc.

    The specialist saw me immediately when I gave my story and without delay wove a “dispensing tube” up my arm and across my chest to diffuse the antibiotic and I went home with a port, bags of sterile fluid, liquid antibiotic, and an IV pump and stand, and instructions to infuse myself exactly every six hours for ten days. (Each procedure took about 45 minutes, reminiscent of a new mother feeding a baby around-the-clock. I returned every three days for blood tests and evaluations, and the total bill was more than $8,000. We couldn't wait to have that big talk with the parents of the preteen boys walking their dogs and not following the town's leash laws.

    I hope you don't have to go through what I did and don't want to scare you, but urge you to take this very seriously.


  2. Ouch! Cat bites aren't safe at the best of times. I have a doctor at Clinica de Merida that I can recommend. I'll send you an email. If Tom doesn't want to give you a shot, you can go over to Urgenicas in the Clinica Yucatan on C66 and get one of the nurses to do it for you. The last time I had a shot there it was $20mxn.

    I vote for wisdom, you've seen enogh stuff that you know when to go to the doctor.


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