these shoes are made for walking – a tale resoled!

A year ago, while in Spain, 
I posted about a pair of shoes I had taken on the trip.  

You can read the post  HERE   
you can see how worn the shoes had become.  
I really love these shoes.  They are really comfortable, and they support my arches so that the plantar fascitis in my left foot doesn’t bother me.

I was online looking for another pair, unfortunately this style is no longer made.  I did however, find a company that would completely refurbish them; new soles, new footbed, new straps if needed – whatever it would take to make them practically brand new.

Mephistos are not cheap shoes, their lowest price ones are more than 100USD, and that’s IF you can find them on a closeout.

I researched and read some reviews and decided it would be worthwhile – especially since we are planning another long trip that will include several weeks and lots of walking.  

When Tom and I travel, we travel fairly light. Our rule is – if you take it you need to carry it, we travel with backpacks.  For Spain I took 2 pairs of shoes.  The Mephistos mentioned and shown above, and a pair of Fitflop flipflops.

Back in April I decided to get my Mephistos refurbished.  I went online filled out the forms, submitted them, downloaded and printed the mailing label and arranged with friends to take the shoes up and drop the package in a mailbox.   Since Tom and I would be in Houston in June I was having them sent there when completed.

Well come to find out, well after the fact that this refurbishing could take several months to complete.   They really need to make that info more apparent right from the beginning. (OR, perhaps I should be a little more thorough when I read their info) 

Of course it would have been less of a deal if I lived in the States and wasn’t having to rely on the comings and goings of friends to mule things in and out for me.

I began a series of email and phone communications with Olga from NuShoe/Mephisto Resoling.  She was as helpful as she could be and managed to expedite the process so that I got my shoes sent to a friend that came down in July.  The shoes got to my friend the day before she flew down.   pfewwwwwww!

anyway, with shipping, it came to 86USD,  but just look at what a great job – oh, I forgot to take the pictures until after I had worn them all day!

They even repaired some of the laces on the florets that had come loose.

so if you have Mephistos that you just love, 
but that have worn out, 
you can have them made good as new

About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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4 Responses to these shoes are made for walking – a tale resoled!

  1. They do mens shoes as well. And I have come to agree with, and spend a bit more on a shoe with good structure and support. Too many years wearing crap shoes and 2dollar flipflops has taken its toll.

  2. Thanks! Indeed, they are worth resoling, even at that price. I tend to be a bit -frugal-.

  3. “A tale resoled” – oh my! You are a clever girl. The shoes are very nice by the way. I see why they are worth restoration from whence I first wondered.

  4. I love Mephistos. I bought my first pair, low boots, in Houston in 1996. I wore them for years. About 1998, I bought Mephisto loafers, which I do not wear too often, and I still have them though they are getting a bit tatty. About 2001, during a visit to Houston, I bought a third pair, regular shoes. The third pair is butt-ugly, but really comfy. I still use them on a regular basis.

    Searching online turns up no place in Mexico that sells Mephistos. Drat.

    They are quite pricey but worth it. And congrats on getting your sandals refurbished.

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