Chamaco, revisited

Remember poor little Chamaco, and his plea for freedom of his prison at my house?

Well he found his forever home, and I get periodic updates on his assimilation into his new collective!


He is one lucky, and apparently contented little fellow!

Here are some of the updates I get

from 4 Dec –

He is integrating very well with the other cats. He now shares the main house area with:

– Phadrea (my slightly brain damaged kitty, due to a parasitical infection she acquired during the early rough years of her life on the street) Phaedra now cleans his face and head instead of hissing and snarling at him.

– Cicero (my one eyed kitty, the other eye was lost to an infection he acquired as a very young kitty) Cicero and Chamaco play together like mad fiends. They sleep curled up together as well

-Trixie (my totally blind kitty, lost the sight in both eyes due to a birth defect) Trixie now tolerates Chamaco stealing food from her dish

-Celeste (the only canine in the group who, fortunately, is in good health) You should see Chamaco jumping all over Celeste who puts up with having her tail, nose, ears and paws chewed on a regular basis.

– the other cats. . . Mr Bean and Diefenbaker sometimes come in the house, while the two freeloaders, Miller and Patches, who do have a sort of home across the street, show up for meals twice a day. All of them have met Chamaco and they really don’t care. Miller and Patches are a couple of mush balls. Mr Bean is scrappy, his nick name is Evil Kitty, for no matter what he is doing (even sleeping) he looks evil. Diefenbaker must have suffered severe abuse while he was on the street, because even after 3 years, I still cannot pick him up without him slashing my hand open.

Whoever said animals do not have distinct personalities, obviously know nothing about animals! Enjoy your day Debi, wherever it takes you.

from 11 December –

I thought you would like some Chamaco updates. . . he is fat as a hog and has an appetite like a horse. He has integrated very well with the other kitties, including the free loaders who turn up at meal time.

His favourite trick is to unfurl a yard or so of paper towel, shred it to pieces then curl up on top of the shreds, fast asleep from exhaustion! He loves it when I blow on his little pock-a-dot tummy.

The older cats, of course, think he a pain in the butt as they can’t get used to his high energy level. I am having a challenge keeping his ears clean but at least he co-operates when I do it. I find if little kittens get used to being handled often, they don’t resist as much when they are older.

I am pleased as punch, and can’t thank his new mom Bonnie enough for opening what already seems to be a full house to just one more!

these are for you Bonnie!



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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2 Responses to Chamaco, revisited

  1. princesanancy2012 says:

    Wonderful news. Congrats to you both and your dining room table thanks you as well.

    See you at the tea today? Nancy

    • yes, the dining room table is now being used for what it was intended, repository for stuff yet to be put away, rather than large dog crate (well, kitty crate) and assorted kitty meds and paraphernalia.

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