Yucatan Box Turtle – Terrapene Carolina Yucatana

I have been trying to get a turtle for  my garden for quite a while.


Not the little green ones like kids often get and keep in the little plastic tray

wirth a plastic palm tree,


But a native turtle that can live in my garden and eat slugs and such. I have a lot of slugs in my garden.

 I’ve tried friends, I’ve tried at the mercado, I tried old guys that live in el campo.  

And finally, a neighbor got one that she was willing to part with.



So, what I have is a Yucatecan Box Turtle, a subspecies of the Carolina Box Turtle.

Because the head on my turtle is green with yellow eyes I believe it to be a female.  Males have a white/blueish head.


I have a large garden, with lots of plants and hiding places so a perfect environment for a turtle to live and thrive.  I do hope to get a male.

I have seen turtle every day, but sometimes it takes quite a while to locate her, she gets around.  But has now selected 2 favorite spots.  

She loves papaya and cherry tomatoes. Turned her nose up at pineapple.

I hope for her to someday get comfortable and come out when she hears me and to be able to hand her tidbits to eat.



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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16 Responses to Yucatan Box Turtle – Terrapene Carolina Yucatana

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  2. We have a whole bunch of these guys (and gals) in our garden. They live under the foundation and rock wall and they only come out when it rains A LOT! Needless to say, this fall we have seen them frequently. Next time it pours, I will try to snag a boyfriend for your pretty girl

  3. Lee says:

    We used to stay at a guesthouse that had turtles, many of them, in the courtyard. We’ve wanted one every since. Another person we know had a turtle in the courtyard, and it used to chase my big toe. Who knows why. Later, he was torn apart by a jealous dachshund who we think perceived that the turtle was privileged. So keep your dogs and turtles apart unless you’re running an egalitarian household.

    • yipes, a toe biter, we had a parrot once that did that, he went to a breeder, not a breeding farm, but just a nice couple that happened to breed birds, he was much happier.
      my dogs are only curious when she’s out and about, but don’t get aggressive, just want to sniff.
      maybe I’ll get babies if Joanna can capture a male, and then you too can have turtles!

  4. Daniel Perry says:

    Beautiful turtle. They are entertaining to watch and they make you slow down and relax at a slower space. I’m sure you enjoy searching for her every day.

  5. Steve Cotton says:

    Do you have racoons in your part of the city? They love to eat turtles.

  6. Bonnie Wrenshall says:

    Good looking turtle buddy Debi, Hope he does what you need him to do, otherwise, he is a great addition to the vitality of you garden

  7. Dr. B says:

    Beautiful photos. Also, John Thompson has a reliable source where he buys his turtles for his turtle pond. If you like I can send you his email. Rainie

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