Ding Dong the Witch is dead

So I went in to the doctors office today to have 2 sebaceous cysts removed.   The entire procedure took less than an hour.

I have 2 moles on my face.  I’ve had them for as long as I can remember.

I’ve thought about having them removed, but it was pure vanity that made me think of it so I never followed through.


I also never took advantage of them to do

a scary witch costume for Halloween.

Neither mole is overly large or dark, so what the heck.



In the last 6 months or so the one mole to the left of my mouth, on my cheek had started to change.  It would get full of keratin, then it would subside.  And of course this recent change concerned me.   I also have/well had one on my back that would do the same thing.  This one did bother me, it would ache, and itch and I’d dig at it.

So I finally made an appt with our (expats) favorite dermatologist here in Merida;

dra Claudia C. Calderon Rocher
Star Medica, consultorio 523

which explains why it took 3 weeks to get in to see her.   She looked at the mole and the cyst and said they needed to be removed.

She found a rather sizeable cyst under the mole. I was shocked at the size of the cysts she removed.  I feel like there is going to be an indent once the wounds heal.  She even exclaimed over how deep the one on my back went, she had to give me a second anesthetic shot there as she went deeper.

So I’ve been told to take it easy, no exercise, no pool, stay out of the sun … oh dear, whatever shall I do!  She doesn’t realize that is already my lifestyle!

So anyway, since everyone is always interested in medical expenses here you go –

Consultation – 600pesos

in office surgical procedure – 2000pesos

prescribed meds

zitroflan antibiotic, 3 tablets, 334pesos

bactroban antibiotic ointment, 163pesos

followup in 10 days to remove stitches is included.





About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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18 Responses to Ding Dong the Witch is dead

  1. jan says:

    Owww..know that had to hurt! Here’s hoping for a great recovery.. Dra. Claudia is great, and so are YOU!!

  2. John says:

    Sending you wishes for speedy healing and continued good health…

  3. I always enjoy reading Mexican medical experiences. So much better than the situation above the border. I think, however, an equally good doctor would have done this for a bit less in Morelia.

    • I’m sure I could have had it done here much cheaper also. However, Claudia is VERY good at what she does, she’s known to me because she has done any number of procedures on family and friends, always with terrific results. And it’s sometimes true, you get what you pay for. I’m content with my decision. I have absolutely no pain or discomfort, well except for having to remove the adhesive today to clean and redress the wounds.

      • YucatanMan says:

        Living in Mexico means living with “you paid too much!” It is inescapable. Everyone says it about everything. We just have to go with what we know and are comfortable with. You did and things are going fine. That’s good karma all around. Happy healing!

        • What prompted my comment that I think it would have been done as well and a bit cheaper in Morelia was something I read on another blog recently. It stuck in my mind. Someone in San Miguel got a price for a medical procedure that struck me as astoundingly high, in ripoff territory, and it definitely could have been done for much less, I’m guessing, just a short distance away, in Querétaro perhaps. San Miguel has a high population of Gringos and Canadians, of course, and that results in higher prices for many things. They, uh, see us coming. During my recent visit to Mérida, I got the impression that a similar situation exists there, but to a far lesser degree.

          It’s interesting to see how our presence affects prices on so many things. Just an observation. My mind tends to wander.

          But it appears Debi got great service and for what is certainly a respectable fee all around.

  4. Steve Cotton says:

    I have a couple of growths that I should have a dermatologist look at. My favorite scenario is that he will tell me my head needs to be removed.

  5. Joanne says:

    Debi, I have a mole on my face. So far it hasn’t changed at all but sometimes I think about having it removed. I’m concerned about having a scar, the mole is on my cheek and any scarring would be quite visible. Please let us know how the scarring (or hopefully lack of scar) is once it is all healed. I may just go see Dra Calderon as well…..

    Hope you are back to normal shortly.

    • I have a friend who had a facial cyst removed last year, and even with her pointing it out you can barely see it. la dra placed my incision so that it follows a natural crease, no, not a wrinkle, ha ha, but a crease, so I doubt it will be visible at all, but I’ll try to follow up about the scar.

  6. John Calypso says:

    Find some Olympic events you like and hang-out watching the tube for a few days – you deserve a break and GET WELL SOON.

  7. Tancho says:

    That would have be at least $2000 dollars and 4 trips in the US…..

  8. Marjorie Ratcliffe says:

    This is interesting. I’d like to know more about medical insurance in Mexico

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