why do we rescue, and foster, and spay n neuter????

People often wonder why I rescue and foster dogs and cats. Why do I help organize and work spay n neuter campaigns. Why do I donate money to rescuers vet bills.

I too wonder.  It is not easy.  Giving money is the easy part, if only I could stop there.

Seeing the cruelty, the indifference, the inhumanity it diminishes me.  Not for the ones I help, for them my heart and spirit soars, but for those I have to walk by, it is for them that I am diminished.

This is a beautifully done but wrenching video to watch but it helps to explain  the why’s.  If only there weren’t the need.

This is why we do it.  But we need help, more volunteers, more fosters, more money.

to help, pick one, any one!












About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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5 Responses to why do we rescue, and foster, and spay n neuter????

  1. Irene Fairles says:

    We foster puppies for Pro Animal Melaque in Jalisco on the coast. The video only strengthened our resolve to continue to volunteer, support and foster for Pro Animal. All our foster pups have found wonderful forever homes in Canada. Such great work is being done all over Mexico to save the street animals. Thank you to all who donate time, money and their hearts to save these amazing, smart and loving animals.

  2. Great post, Debi! Just tonight I tried to rescue, once again, a little injured mutt over here in our part of Mérida. Each time he sees me he gets closer and closer. I am hoping the next time will be the moment I can actually help him out.

  3. staninmx says:

    I just saw this post Debi, and it reminds me how much easier it is to foster here and deal with our rescue animal needs. In Mexico I find it so heartbreaking to see the callejeros in the streets who are emaciated, injured, or ill. Here, it is all hidden away until and unless I choose to re-engage and see what the current needs are – then I can just have a rescue delivered to my home for foster. usually, they are pretty easy to adopt out within a couple of weeks. Sometimes, even this seems like too much of a challenge. If I get moved to Merida, I hope I can do half as much or as well as you have with your efforts.

  4. Tancho says:

    We try and do what we can for our helpless friends. It is a shame of how locals treat their animals. If I was closer to you I would volunteer my time for the cause.

  5. Alas, abuse of dogs in Mexico is widespread. You are to be commended for lending a hand.

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