I went out on the town last night

Last night was one of Tom’s poker nights.  Normally when Tom has an event out, away from the house I like to stay home,  ‘alone’.  Being both retired being home ‘alone’ doesn’t happen all that often. But last night, even though he went out,  I too went out!  I went to the Ballet – I went because it was a production of Romeo and Juliet. 

This was the ad that attracted me – 

Romeo and Juliet Ballet, Friday at Armando Manzanero Theater

On Friday February 21st at 9pm in the Armando Manzanero Theatre, the National Dance Company (Compañía Nacional de Danza) will present the duo of Romeo and Juliet, interpreted  by dancers Érick Rodríguez and Elisa Ramos, at the Ballet Gala.

The duet Romeo and Juliet is one of eight choreographies in the program, in which the CND celebrates its 50 years.

Tickets on sale at the Teatro Armando Manzanero’s office box:

  • $400 pesos
  • $350 pesos
  • $200 pesos

I didn’t read thoroughly the entire ad.  The 2nd line – The duet Romeo and Juliet is one of eight choreographies in the program, in which the CND celebrates its 50 years. – should have tipped me off.

It’s not that I was disappointed with the evening, because I was not, it’s just not what I thought I was going to see.   The 8 choreographies were very well done, and quite diverse.  There were pieces from Swan Lake, from Romeo and Juliet, and several other pieces I can’t identify.  There were also several modern choreographies.

I really love the teatro Armando Manzanero, it is quite lovely, and small enough that my seat up in the balcon still afforded me the luxury to see costume detail.  I took my binoculars, but never needed to use them.


There were no set design, no scenery, just the dancers.




Before entering the theatre I walked around just a bit – Tom and I rarely go in to Centro Historico anymore.  It is crowded, and congested, and the fumes from vehicle exhaust are quite toxic.

It was fun last night to just see it – I took a few fotos – unfortunately my little Panasonic doesn’t do so great in low light. It’s great in the daylight, but even on High Sensitivity, not so fabulous!



Also available for diversion in front of the Catedral and the museo Macay there was set up a reenactment of the ancient maya ball court with fellas in costuming demonstrating the game.  The huge lights made it easy to see, but not easy to fotograph.  It was fun to watch for a few minutes.



we really should start going out more often.


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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7 Responses to I went out on the town last night

  1. April says:

    Hi debi loving your blog! We are in telchac puerto visiting from Texas…my son would just love to see the Mayan ball game. Can you direct me where you saw it? Or what day of the week?

  2. Paxton Hoag says:

    I was in Merida a year ago and got video of both ball games, The regular ball game and the burning ball game. They are both in HD but you may need to click on the gear to get it in HD. We really enjoyed our stay in Merida, it is a great city with lots of free cultural events.

  3. Merida’s Centro Historico is simply magical at night. Now, if the town would only do something about the unbearable heat.

  4. Steve Cotton says:

    Thank you for the interior shot of he theater. A friend asked me the other day if I had one. I will send a link to your post to him.

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