mirro mirro on the wall

Everyone that relocates, whether across town, across the country, or to another country faces the same questions – what do I take with me, and what do I get rid of?

We faced the same questions when we left Colorado for Merida back in 2006.

One of the things I brought was my small pressure cooker. The small one, only 4 quarts, I also had a huge pressure canner.   I used to do all my own canning, freezing, cooking, baking, gardening, heck I’ve even butchered my own meat products.    I don’t do much of that anymore.

P1000716  P1000715

I usually plan ahead when I plan to cook beans and sort and presoak them the night before. Today I decided I want to make a white bean potage, but not for tomorrow, I want it today.  So I decided to pull out the little cooker, this is the first time since we moved here that I can remember using it! The handles were still off and stored inside.  Crazy, eh!  Why did I bring this thing along?

P1000717I was looking in the little cookbook that came with my pressure cooker and found that we are the same age? holey moley!

Tom and I looked it over, the gasket is stiff and tough, and in all likelihood the original one, I mean I bought this thing 2nd hand 30+ years ago and I know I never replaced it – so now we wait, tick, tock, tick, tock!

Well the beans are on the stove, heating, the pan hasn’t heated to the point of building  pressure yet so we have to see if the gasket, the release valve and the anything else holds up, we’ll either have a potage for lunch or a heck of a mess to clean up.

funny though isn’t it, the things we think we need, and what we actually need!



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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7 Responses to mirro mirro on the wall

  1. lane says:

    It’s probably made like a Sherman tank…and yay; you found a gasket! That’s great!

  2. Dr. B says:

    I was worried that part 2 was going to be you and Tom scraping bans off the ceiling,,,good job

  3. But Debi, the newer European models are near-silent and don’t have the scary risk of that near-lethal pressure weight spinning off into space!

    • well, should I decide to use it more than once in 8 years I may consider it, but I don’t have a particular fear…the noise is reassuring, I won’t walk away and forget about it!

  4. Those gaskets and parts need to be replaced every few years, whether used or not! Break down and buy yourself a new, state of the art pressure cooker. You’ll thank me for it. After the gaskets for my German-made pressure cooker became nearly as costly as a new pressure cooker, I broke down and bought a Fagor. Amazingly, and I’m at a much higher altitutde here in Morelia, soaked beans cooked in 5-7 minutes! The time and energy you’ll save will more than pay for the new pressure cooker. It’s time to ditch the old technology.

    • amazingly the gasket is available for 10usd includes the s/h. I am buying a new gasket, the pot is fine. In fact my unsoaked beans turned out great, and in just a few minutes!

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