Tom is from a small town just outside of Gettysburg PA, he was actually born in Gettysburg, some of his schooling was accomplished through Gettysburg area schools. But he grew up, and is from Cashtown, which is located just 8 miles West of Gettysburg, and still probably has less than 500 residents.

Tom left PA when he went in to the U.S. Air Force. He returns to visit, but has not lived there since he left in 1967.

I can remember a few years ago, while visiting with his family we were regaled with tales of a film crew that spent considerable time in and around Cashtown filming a Civil War era movie. I couldn’t really remember the name of the movie, which by the way, I now know is ‘Gettysburg’, don’t you just love irony. I recently had the opportunity to watch the Civil War era made for TV series called ‘North and South’, thinking, mistakenly, that this was the movie filmed in Cashtown. I watched and waited for scenes I would recognize. I thought maybe ??? But never really was sure I recognized the locations.

Today, while shopping, in Gettysburg, I saw the movie ‘Gettysburg’ being sold for 5usd. This being the actual movie recounted by the family, I bought one. I bet I’ll recognize some of the locations in this one.

Tom and I have been on the road since 29 May. We have been many places, and done many things, and I hope to recount some of our adventures, later, but for now, this little snippet about Gettysburg will have to do.

It has been cold since we got here, and overcast, and rainy, and cold, did I mention cold? In the 60f’s. Although last night it was 50frickin7 degrees farenheit. We’ve visited with family, Tom has visited with former High School friends, old family friends have stopped in.

It’s interesting, things seem the same now as the first time I ever visited here, around 1972. Everything is neat, tidy, well groomed, and dated. The old brick architecture seems timeless. The statues and monuments, the memorabilia, the tourist signs. The flags, American and Confederate, the red, white, and blue bunting, the remembrance candles in the windows, the acres and acres of mowed and manucured lawn. There is a tremendous array of patriotic display.


We’ve done battlefield tours, many times, but I never tire of it. The monuments, the statues, the canons, the fields, …


We’re home now, I’ve not yet watched Gettysburg, but I soon will.


Travel is good!



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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4 Responses to Gettysburg

  1. Ochoi Rex says:

    Good story Debi. That must be a very interesting area. Haunted?

    I also wanted to respond to your story that I read yesterday, about things you learned while traveling; your animal rescue work. Just wanted to back you up. If you feel that the work is making you unhappy, or worse off, or just that for now it’s too much, I want to tell you that you are right to withdraw, to whatever degree you decide, you have a right to do that. I am thinking of the little speech you always get on the plane. How you need to put your own oxygen mask on first. Rescue work is like that too. Especially guerilla rescue like you do. My years working with domestic violence has taught me that you can’t stay in the race until the violence ends; you have to pass the baton.

    It’s hard to know when to stop. Trust yourself.

    Debie, thank you so very much for all that you have done for the animals. You have a generous, brave heart. Thank you for your excellent example. Thank you for making things better.

    Let me know when you and Tom are ready for another Chabihau adventure.

    Take care, and keep writing! lane

    • Thanks Lane, I appreciate your comments. I am trying to follow the advice I would give someone else, but won’t typically do for myself.
      Oh my yes, let’s make a chabihau plan, we missed it on you birthday this year, I guess it was a 1 year tradition!
      Abrazos fuertes!

  2. I saw the movie Gettysburg when it came out, in a theater. It is very long, and very, very good. You’ll like it. Jeff Daniels is in it. I had never realized what an excellent, versatile actor he is. Some types of movies are better in theaters, for the big screen. Gettysburg is one of those. Too bad you can’t see it there, but at home is better than nothing.

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