Follow up – Kombucha

On 20 June I started brewing my own Kombucha Tea from a culture I received from a friend.  You can read about that here.

On 1 July I extracted my first 2 bottles of home brew,  first extraction kombucha

I flavored them with lime juice and jamaica flowers.

After extracting and flavoring I corked the bottles and left them on the counter to continue to ferment for a few more days.

On 4 July I tried my first home brewed and flavored Kombucha Tea, and I liked it.  This batch is quite refreshing and quite tart.


Today, 7 July I shared my first SCOBY baby and 2 cups of starter tea.

I went shopping looking for a glass container with a spigot.  I found several that were very cool but they started at about 700pesos.  So,  I am sticking with my glass vase for now.  I did stop at a hardware store and pick up a meter of clear flexible plastic tubing, and that is how I am extracting my Kombucha Tea.  It doesn’t disturb the SCOBY too much, and it pulls the tea from the bottom which is the big benefit of a jar with a spigot.

Also, today, I started having a 2nd small kombucha tea in the evening.  So far I can’t report any significant results, but hey, I have faith!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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7 Responses to Follow up – Kombucha

  1. cristina says:

    Hi Debi.. I am just coming back to Mérida from a Long trip where I had the luck to try Kombucha for the first time and I can not wait to make my own.. Unfortunately I have no clue as to where to get some SCOBY.. Would you share with me please? Thanks in advaced for the post and for your time!

    • Cristina, unfortunately I am not in Merida just now, send your email to debiinmerida at g mail, and I will hook you up with someone from whom you can acquire a scoby.

  2. Ceci padilla says:

    Hello, i am looking for a scoby here un Mérida. Will you be wiilling yo share with me? I have milk kéfir, water kéfir or 1 liter of raw dzidzilche honey in exchange? Thanks. Will be anxiously waiting for your reply… dying yo brew my own kombucha. Gracias, Ceci. My phone is 922 7684 or 9991601594

  3. mil gracias, es un proceso, poco a poco!

  4. Lane says:

    . Very interesting, this “Kombucha”. It does resemble “Jaba the Hut” somewhat.

  5. You’ve got my respect! I can barely manage a jar of sun tea. Congratulations!

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