Throwback Thursday, France 2004

On Facebook a lot of people dig out old photos and post them and call it Throwback Thursday, This is my Throwback Thursday for the blog.

Something we did back in 2004, Nearly exactly 10 years ago!


We have friends with a pending trip to France, like in a month or so.  She and I  were talking the other morning and I started saying about the places we went and the things we liked,  Tom and I  went to France in August of 2004, our first European vacation.

Anyway, because of our discussion, and her wanting to know stuff about where we went and all I drafted up a rough itinerary, and put together a few photos to share with her, well ok, its 200 photos, more or less.

This is the email I sent her, and then there is a link to the photo gallery.

OMG, I found our Journal and had to read it before I could do anything!
So come to find out we weren’t there for 6 weeks??? but from 26 August to 16 September, 2004!
our first 4 days were in Paris.
After Paris we went to Amboise in the Loire Valley, We toured the Chateau du Clos Luc, the Castle at Amboise, the church St Denis, and Chenonceau, as well as just walking through a few street side vineyards.  We stayed at the La Breche, , but wouldn’t recommend it if relying on our 10 year old review.  Apparently we were in a small room with a broken bed right above the outside dining area in a room with no ac that required an open window for ventilation.  However, we really enjoyed the area.
After Amboise we went went to Sarlat and stayed at the hotel d chassaing, the owners at the time were Yann and Beatrice, and we would recommend it, at least based upon our experience 10 years ago.  Saturday is / was market day. we mostly did walking tours and the canoe trip on the Dordogne, which I highly recommend.  good link with pictures of the dordogne villages, 
Then off to Arles on the Rhone river.  Hotel Regence, ,  we liked the hotel very much.  mostly we walked along the river and in the town. the coliseum was way cool.
After Arles, we we went to Saints Maries de la Mer,  on the Mediterranean, the hotel camille, ,  seems from our notes the room was adequate.   we walked the boardwalk, and hung out on the beach, enjoyed some flamenco dancing and guitars but didn’t write down where!  we were advised while there that this is a Sea, not an Ocean, as we had in our ignorance referred it to.
Following our sea escape we took off to Vaisson la Romaine, in the Cotes du Rhone region, LOVED the wine here! this was a very cool town, we stayed at hotel Burhuss, great location,  , this was also the place with the ancient roman bridge, we did the walk to the upper town, and saw lots of vineyards and olive groves, our notes mention visiting the puymin ruins, but give no impressions. Tuesday is market day!
now  off to Avignon, hotel was not to be recommended, we did of course all things Pope!, the petit palace, the popes palace the notre de doms, aaack, too much Pope.  we also saw the waterwheel, and rue de tienturres, and some other stuff, theres lots to see/do in Avignon.  Seems Tuesday is Market Day, but not sure, notes are sketchy on this.
From Avignon we took an early train to Paris and caught a 1pm flight to return to colorado springs.
ok, now you know what we did!  phew


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I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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