When it Rains it Pours

rainpoursWhen it rains it pours was an old Morton Salt advertising campaign. I recall it from my childhood.
The girl in the yellow dress holding an umbrella showing how the salt was freely pouring in spite of the moisture and wet.  I was a clever advertising.  In fact they still use it I do believe.

It’s interesting how that phrase “When it Rains it Pours” has also to to infer that when something bad happens…its something big…or a lot of bad things.


tired-car-cartoon-exhausted-31278945On Monday, whilst out and about running errands the trusty Taurus starts experiencing a case of the vapors.  The AC ceases to work and the heat gage goes nearly, if not completely in to the red when ever we sit still.   As we were practically driving on fumes Tom pulls in to a gas station and while the gas is being pumped he calls Charlie, our mechanic.  Charlie recommends we have the car towed, he’s concerned about warping the heads or the gaskets or the something.  Well as you can imagine, if the car is drivable it will be driven and the mechanics shop isn’t too far away.

Our last stop, before the gas had been at CostCo where we had picked up some frozen and perishable items so we decide Tom will take the car to the mechanic and I’ll take the groceries and get a cab, no worries, I am right at Santa Ana and there is a cab stand right there.

Tom takes off and so do I, there is one cab parked at the cab stand and I climb in, its a lovely newer clean and air conditioned car. Heaven!  When I inquired about the meter I am informed he is not metered and it will cost 50 pesos to take me to my house, now I know this a 30peso max trip, so I say no and get out.  Good Grief! what a knuckle head!taxi

I have 2 oversized and slightly heavy bags with blueberries melting, parmesan cheese turning in to a lump, and salad mix and tomatoes getting super hot.  So I start to walk, I probably walked 6 to 8 blocks before I saw a cab that was not already occupied.  And surprise it is again not a metered cab, and it is an old cab, and it has not AC and he says 30pesos to take me home and I say ok.   GoodGrief,  for the equivalent of maybe a buck 20 difference and I’d have already been home, and have been in the ac.  What a bone head.

I get everything situated and sit down to check emails and drink a cold iced tea and to try and dry off just a bit in front of the roaring fan and I get a call from Tom.  The car has to stay, the overheating was caused most likely by a vapor lock, HOWEVER, the brakes are in serious disrepair. Charlie wants to send the rear drums out to be turned.  So off I go to get Tom.  No worries, we’ll hear about the brakes tomorrow!

Tuesday AM, about 00:15 hours Tom was awakened by Tech who had jumped up on the bed twice, then got up and left the bedroom.  Tom sleepily walked to the kitchen and heard fireworks going off in the distance, the big boomer ones.  So Tom thinks oh, that’s the noise.  He then walked around trying to locate Tech and then there was more noise and he realized it was coming from our roof.  He turned and entered the bathroom and  heard another loud thump and then heard water running.  He then put together the noises which were now identified as copper pipe clanging.  He then came and woke me and told me someone was on the roof stealing pipe.

We went out back and heard the water was running off the roof but all other noise had stopped.  Tom  got the ladder out of the bodega and went up with his trusty high powered flashlight.  There were pipes lying around, a pair of flip flops and sitting/partially hunched over on the neighbors roof was a young man.  Tom came to the back of the house and told me to call the police, which I did immediately.  The police arrived in a very short period of time.

Tom, upstairs on the roof, kept the light in the burglars eyes, he is making no attempt to get up or flee – Tom decided this was due to being on drugs or drunk and/or he hurt himself jumping across the opening between ours and the neighbors roof.

The police arrive…four trucks!

So after getting up on the roof by coming through the house and going up our ladder they grabbed him two roofs South.  Tom was on the roof the entire time and the young man was tripping and falling and he fully expected to see the thief cascade off one of the roofs.

Since our ladder was being used, and since Tom had gone up the roof from our back patio the burglar got to walk through our house.  Sure hope he didn’t see anything he liked!

Fast forward, the young thief was drunk or drugged, and completely out of it. He was from Merida so not a transplant although he was not from around our neighborhood.  We’ll never know how he managed to get up on the roofs in order to get to our roof.  Nor will we ever know how he knew we had copper piping or how or why he chose our roof.

We decided not to file a Denuncia as that would take hours and hours out at the Judicial building  and we also remember what friends had gone through in filing one for their break-in a while back with nothing coming of it.  Besides if we filed they take the copper as evidential proof and we never see it again.  If the possibility exists that the thief had any ability to pay for replacing our pipes, well, he wouldn’t have been breaking pipes to steal off our roof so no need to file paperwork!  We didn’t file, and got to keep all the pipe.

Of course during all this we called our ace in the hole amiga, Viviana, and she did some translating  for us, luckily she’s quite the night owl.

So there we are, it’s about 2AM, we have our pipe but we have no water and the thief gets to spend the night in the klink.  oh, and the next day is the day our cleaning lady comes. Luckily we have that large beautiful pool with plenty of chlorinated water, perfect for cleaning and flushing toilets.

We get to bed, again, about 3AM.  And predictably I am up at 6AM.

Tuesday, About 8 I call our plumber and he says he’ll be here a rato, which means right away, well… well…. which actually means probably today!  He showed up about 12:30. He had been out in a pueblo pretty far away.

So within about 2 hours the piping was repaired, with what was already on the roof, the extra bits in the bodega, only a few connectors were needed.  So we start turning on the faucets, removing the traps to clear out the debris and the plumber starts telling us something is wrong with our pressure system.  He does some pressure testing and tells us the bladder is broken, again, this happened about 3 years ago.  Took a week or so then to get a new bladder in and it cost nearly as much as the tank with bladder had cost 8 years ago.  Plumber advises us that we need to replace the entire tank because of saro (mineral encrustations) build up inside the tank, it will just continue to rupture the bladder.   GREAT!

He has agreed to go to Rivas, get a price, and call us tomorrow to let us know where and how much to get the new tank and then he’ll return Thursday to install.

so, seems in spite of everything its working out pretty smoothly.

Then comes the call about the car, It will be ready after 4PM, 3050pesos. WHAT!!!!!!!

So apparently the brakes were in pretty bad shape, the rear were turned, but the front had to be replaced.   Good Grief when it rains it pours!

so off we go to pickup the Taurus, and the mechanic reminds me I haven’t had my oil changed in over a year.  good grief!

So we get home and I decide to toast some garlic to make a little tomato bruschetta, I have all the veggies chopped and try to light the stove.  Stove will not light.  Holy Crap, what did that guy do up there!  Tom gets home in short time and I explain the situation, once again, he gets the ladder and goes to the roof.

Apparently this idiot drugged/drunken thief was smarter than we thought, he actually turned off the gas from the tank in preparation for stealing those pipes as well.  At least this was an easy fix!

ok, day nearly over, nearly, we are starved, and we’re beat.  so off to Tacos Arabe for a little pickmeup.  a few beers, a few tacos, and things are better.  I think I was in bed by 10PM.

Wednesday, I slept through till 6AM.

It’s been another very busy day, we haven’t heard from the plumber but did manage to find out the new tank for the pressure system will cost about 5000peasos.


So I am ending this now, and hoping for a quiet evening with a bottle or two of wine, and maybe a movie!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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14 Responses to When it Rains it Pours

  1. Mérida es muy tranquilo 😉

  2. Lee says:

    I love those slice-of-life stories about expats in Merida. Or at least I used to. Oy. I’m going back to bed now.

  3. Jay says:

    Goodness. And yet, you still kick my a$$ in scrabble. Your multitasking is top-notch. Yeah for Tech! I am having a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie with thoughts of your being able to have enjoyed your red wine!

    • Debi says:

      This time of year it is icy cold whites, currently I’m on a sauvignon blanc kick.

      • Jay says:

        Ah, true. Cold cold wine. Yes! Me too. Great varietal. Try Kim Crawford, New Zealand, SB while in the states. Trader Joe’s has best pricing I’ve found (also tell Tom they are best price for the Bulliet too).

  4. Steve Cotton says:

    OK. We know all of that now. But what happened to the blueberries? 😉

  5. Ochoi Rex says:

    Wishing you peace in the neighborhood, peace in the home. I think you weathered all of that with a good deal of grace (given that I wasn’t there) and made a jolly good tale of it to boot.

    • Debi says:

      The hood is good, all the neighbors came out, we visited…Tom and I went in before they did. Tom is sleeping quite lightly now! You should pop over, I could use some lessons in grace!

  6. princesanancy2012 says:

    Frankly, my dear friends, I am speechless. What a fiasco times 3. I only had heard about the copper thief but now I know the rest of the story. Sorry 😦

    • Debi says:

      It was one of those tests that test you, I actually had the impulse, for just a moment to run over and pummel the thief. But who needs that kind of grief!

      • Kevin says:

        Don’t test your luck. If you had pummeled the thief, you might be sitting in jail. You don’t want to have a cameo on the netflix show “Orange is the New Black” (which is a great series if you haven’t seen it yet!). This story reminds me of another reason for those “non-dog people” to adopt a dog (which you happen to have a couple in your home right now!). My dogs have gotten me up a few times over the years to warn me about late night shenanigans.

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