peanut butter


adams pbWhen Tom and I lived in Colorado we almost exclusively bought and ate Adam’s peanut butter.

I’m a bigger peanut butter fan than Tom, but he’s a pickier eater than me.


Since we’ve been here in Merida we can only find peanut butters that are over processed and that have added sugar.   Seriously, why does peanut butter need sugar??   We have had jars of Adam’s muled down, we’ve brought it back ourselves, but there is no consistency.

A while back someone indicated that they made their own from the peanuts they buy at CostCo.   Good grief, I don’t even buy those for snacks because of how expensive they are.

pb can



well I broke down recently and bought a container.



and then proceeded to make my own peanut butter.


I have a large food processor that I’ve had for 20+years.  I love it. I pamper it, mostly because it is starting to falter.

Last year I got a small food processor to help extend the life of my big one. I use the small one for small jobs, and decided to do peanut butter in small batches.   I used one cup of peanuts, which practically filled the food processor, I started out chopping  till they were pretty crumbly, the switched to grind.


pb spoonafter a bit I added the 2nd cup of peanuts, you can decide how dry, crumbly, smooth, silky you want your peanut butter.  The longer you process the smoother it gets.



2 cups of peanuts yielded a very full pint canning jar of peanut butter.

And No, I didn’t buy the jar here, It came down with me 9 years ago!


pb final


sure beats the Aladino I am accustomed to eating.





my own personal version of modern math cost analysis,

the 425 g jar of Aladino is about 45pesos.

the container of peanuts, 1.13kg costs about 115pesos

it took 2 cups of peanuts to fill a 1 pint jar.

I think I could fill 2 1/2 or maybe 3  of the Aladino jars with the homemade peanut butter, so the cost is about the same.  I have  to say the kirkland peanuts are a bit salty,  I would probably wash them off for the next batch.  I have not looked for a source of fresh peanuts here, but then I’d have to shell, toast, blah, blah, blah!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends. Then in 2016 I moved to Richmond, Virginia, USA. Culture shock continues.
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9 Responses to peanut butter

  1. ssesetseth says:


    I found great peanut butter at a little market 3 blocks of of Montejo from Walmart on Saturday

  2. We buy the large bag of roasted WinnNuts (American brand) from Sam’s Club. Then just shell and put into the food processor with just a bit of oil and salt. About 3 minutes later, it’s ready to jar. We used to wag jars of Laura Scudder’s unsalted to Merida; this is much easier (especially since we don’t drive to Houston anymore), and I figure it’s only slightly more expensive.

  3. Debi,
    Husband makes peanut butter in the food processor too. The granos y semillas store on C 54 sells raw shelled peanuts. He toasts them in the oven, then has to get the skins off. He has done it a variety of ways, from rubbing to blowing on them with a hair dryer on cold, to tossing them up and down in a large colander.

    However, the last couple of times, he has bought the peanuts en granel at Chedraui which are roasted and salted. I think he is going to rinse some of the salt off next time he makes it. He has added honey to the peanut butter just because it’s a tasty combo.

    If I just need a little peanut butter to add to a curry, I roast them in a pan, then grind them in the blender. I guess technically, I don’t really need to grind a lot.

    Our prefered peanut butter NOB, was Laura Scutters natural. I don’t remember ever seeing Adams.


  4. so do you toast/roast the peanuts first, or grind them raw?

  5. Susan says:

    How timely to see your post. I use Mafer dry roasted peanuts from Costco. they seem to work fine. It is an 800gr bag for about 50p. I have also used another brand, Salditas (not sure of spelling), that is readily available here on Pacific coast of MX. Sam’s also makes a salted peanut… a bag costs about 50p. I struggled with making Pnut butter until I switched to my mini chopper. If it is too dry, you can add a dab of peanut oil.

  6. John Calypso says:

    Here we have local grown peanuts. We can make peanut butter for about 3/4 of the cost of (pretty) good store bought – but it is NEVER as good and fresh and pure as homemade. Worth the effort no doubt. Hint: shuck roasted peanuts while watching Modern Family 😉

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