Hotel Review – Segovia Regency, Mexico City

Whilst planning our recent trip to Mexico City, and being our first time to Mexico City, I decided to use search engines for hotel because I could narrow my search with their search parameters.

Through I found the hotel Segovia Regency, sort of central to lots of the stuff we wanted to see and do, close to bus and metro, and close to where friends were going to be while we overlapped our stays.

The location is pretty good, a sort of long, but interesting walk to the zocalo, especially if you keep getting side tracked by oooooooo, what’s that, O look over there… an easy walk to parque chapultepec, a few blocks to many points of interest. Lots of restaurants nearby.

The hotel has 7 floors, we were on the 7th, room 704. Room is adequately large enough, we had 2 double beds that were quite comfy, though the pillows were hard. Two stands for the suitcases, lots of hangers, only a few drawers, sink area outside the shower toilet area with lots of space for toiletries. Everything is quite clean and in good repair. The wifi is a good strong signal, each floor has it’s own modem, and that was located quite close to our room.

A safe in the closet is available for your use, just give them 500peso deposit. There is a tv, and we did turn it on, once, there were some shows in english…

Our room was on the street side, which is quite noisy during the day, and there is a grate on the street that makes a loud clunky noise everytime a vehicle passes which during the day is constantly. At night its not to bad.

Air conditioning, now here is the tricky, funny, not so funny part. There is a vent in the ceiling with a sliding wood panel, this is how you control the amount of air coming in – IF the air conditioning is running, apparently it is central to the building, or maybe the floor. Now during the day I could care less, we were typically out of the building by 8am, and didn’t return till between 8 and 10pm. We several times had to ask for it to be turned on, and they turned it off at 2:30am. It is loud, which is great because it blocked the street noise, and created a good white noise for sleeping. The noise didn’t fluctuate, like single unit compressor types machines.

We also had no real view, the street, some parking, and a few quite dilapidated buildings across the street, tall high rise hotels, businesses, trees, street, murals, interesting, but not really scenic.

The restaurant is pretty good, the food quite tasty, and a moderate wine list. Nice linen, well dressed waiters. can’t complain.

The desk staff and the bellmen are nicely dressed too. A moderate selection of seating in the lobby, floral arrrangements, although fake, on each floor. I think once this was a very nice hotel, now it is in need of a serious makeover and some updating, but they do very nicely at keeping up appearances. Sort of like an old southern gentleman in his pressed linen suit and baby blue shirt, white hair bryl-creamed and side parted, he looks quite dashing, then you see the thinning hair, the tattered cuffs, scuffed heel worn but highly polished shoes.

Let’s see, other little things – There is a parking garage. Black out curtains and under sheer curtains. Desk area, only a few outlets available. Hot and cold water was consistent, no fluctuations, but not super high pressure. Thin rough towels, but plenty, oh, and a bidet. hair dryer. electric alarm clock. room service menu in the room but the only thing on it was liquor. ice available in the hall, but you must tote in your own bottled water.

Now I can not complain about the room, it worked out just fine, and after taxes and all we paid about 52usd per night. One issue when we arrived was they did not have our reservation. I had to pull up all the info on my ipad to show them. I had easily available ny confirmation number but had not made paper copies of anything. It took a bit of time, and several people to get things straightened out, but they did.

They have offered us to move to an inside room, but we just didn’t have time to deal with that. Too many things to see and do.

I’ve not added fotos because you can see good hotel fotos on their web page if you choose.

About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends. Then in 2016 I moved to Richmond, Virginia, USA. Culture shock continues.
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