cablemas vs izzi, or is it cablemas vs me!

When we moved here, February 2006, and after we moved in to our rental apartment, we cablemas logocontracted with cablemas for service.   Cablemas offers video, aka tv, internet, and telephone services, In an array of packaging options. We only wanted internet, we didn’t own a tv, but that wasn’t an option.  Well with what we knew, it wasn’t an option.

I seem to remember a struggle getting them to come out and install the cables and do the set up.

For the 9+ months we lived in the rental service was pretty good.  We had internet when we needed it, and we even went out and bought a small tv, although we rarely used it, except to listen to cablemas’ music channels.

Then once we found our house, ok, then it was a wreck, we had the tubes run in the walls for the cables so we’d be all set up for the transition.  That one went smoothly, although I think the contractor set that up.

Well here it is 8+ years in this house and I’ve decided to move the tv and wireless modem to a different room.  I am rearranging the way we use the space to better suit our needs.

I called cablemas, or as many people here call them, cablemenos on 30 March.  It has been a daily test of wills since then, and they are winning.  Although I have a better handle on my frustration, annoyance, angst, incredulousness, and anger now than I did during the first week.

I still call nearly everyday to report that no technician has shown up to do the work, although I no longer try to make a point about it, I just tell them.  And each time the customer service agent, yes, I am smirking as I key that in, assures me they will come mañana, en la mañana.

Anyway, I started researching a new cable provider, Izzi.  Well Guess What – Apparently, since cablemas currently works nationwide under several names: cablemas, cablevision, telecom con Rcable de mexico, and who knows how many others.  They have decided to consolidate all the different entities under one name – Izzi, or is it IZZI, or is it iZZi?   quien sabe?

Since likely nothing would change with regards to customer service what would be the point of changing providers?  Lots of people suggest we switch to Telmex, and satellite, but my what a hassle.  We actually receive good service with the product.  It is just getting service, when you need service.  And yes, we could pay someone else to run the new lines, but we’d still need cablemas to come hook them in.  Besides, I want them to do it, no chance they can blame us for any failure.

I have documented each call and failed service since 30 March, and included dates, times, service agent spoken with, and general recap of the service.  I created a spreadsheet, or profeco logotable, with the account in english alongside the same account in spanish.  I will be taking this to PROFECO.  In fact I submitted the complaint online, but want to follow up.

PROFECO by the way stands for PROCURADURÍA FEDERAL DEL CONSUMIDOR.   Here is their Mission Statement –

Protect and promote Consumer’s rights, ensuring the equity in trade relationships that strengthen a culture of responsible consumption and access to better market conditions for products and services, ensuring reliability, lawfulness and legal certainty with the regulatory framework of Human Rights for consumers.

translated of course!

So whilst researching izzi this morning, I notice that you can not even access packaging information about cablemas anymore, I wanted to do a comparison between the two.

AND whilst perusing my cablemas bill which conveniently just arrived this morning, I noticed no information of any sort with regards to izzi, or a change.    However, whilst perusing their web page I did notice a promo.  Now if cablemas offers any promos or discounts it is up to you to go in and request the promo.   Another one of those hmmmmmmmm moments.

Well my gosh what interesting times, eh?

It’s nearly 1pm, and the tech was to be here between 8:30 and 2, think he’ll make it?   Nah, me neither?

Now, do I want to go to cablemas and try and get in on this promo, sometimes things are just too much to deal with!

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of living in Merida!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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18 Responses to cablemas vs izzi, or is it cablemas vs me!

  1. Bob Stewart says:

    Cablemas and IZZI are both owned by Grupo Televisa. (In Tulum) We can no longer pay our Cablemas bills through the Cablemas online payment web page. The Tulum the Cablemas office now has IZZI signs on it. We are being instructed to make payments at a bank , OXXO , Walmart and Electra by taking the Cablemas bill with us.

    • Bob Stewart says:

      I should have said make payments at those places until the IZZI online payment option is made available for our area.

  2. Kim G says:

    When I first read the word, “Cablemas,” it made me think it was some kind of winter holiday. Now that I’ve read the full post it’s clear that “Cablemas” is actually a full-year holiday. At least for those who are supposed to be providing “service.”


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we like Felipe’s solution.

  3. Dr. B says:

    Same problem for us and others I know of that was quickly solved by showing up in person at Prpofeco. Cable Mas has so many complaints that they have their own caja there.

  4. Debi, I just posted an intricate comment off to cyberspace, and think it is vanished. I didn’t save a copy. (Of course, it was brilliantly written!) Oddly, a pane popped up as my comment vanished, saying CABLEMAS. (Maybe THEY are watching you?) If you can’t find my comment, here’s the bottom line: dump them, and take out new service with T-mex. Both are slow with service – except for new customers. ~eric.

  5. While I admire the cleverness of Felipe’s approach, I think you’ve dismissed the competition hastily, Debi. Why not simply take out new service? (¡izzi is a joke not even to be considered! – as it is merely a clone, and is nearly impossible to find online.)

    We have two flacid contenders in Merida: T-mex, and CableMenos, which can and should be played against each other. Your problem is with ~Menos, so dump them, and sign-up for new service. New customers tend to get connected speedily. And tired vendors should be punished. We got new service from T-mex in three days, but then our service got shut off over the summer. It took over six weeks, with one of us always waiting at home during daytime. I shoulda dumped ’em. Next time I surely will.

    • the thingis, or as is said here, lo que pasa es, my in-house service is good, good speed, reliable, … I just want to move the silly cables. and we really like the landline, free 1000 minutes of calls to the USofA and Canada, free national landline calls, 100 minutes to celulares. so, I continue to wait, but now with more humor than before!

  6. Steve Cotton says:

    Ah, the joys of new experiences. Or old ones — with variations.

  7. John Calypso says:

    We has results similar to Felipe’s with Telmex. We complained to the main office in DF and the work crew came out within minutes. The squeaky wheel really does get the grease.

  8. I have a technique to light a fire under the butts of bad employees of whatever company. I’ve used it in the U.S., and I’ve used it in Mexico, probably more here than there. And it gets results somewhere around 99 percent of the time. Write a letter to the head person of the firm, and I mean the top person, the person with no boss. The biggest challenge to using this technique is finding the name and mailing address of that person. The internet is essential. But when you do, write a firm but polite letter about his or her useless employees. Send it registered mail. Don’t just drop it into the mailbox. Gives the letter an air of importance on the receiving end. Sending a copy to the useless employees is good too, but usually not necessary.

    For instance, and relevant in this case, some years back, I was having trouble with Megacable here where I live. They too kept saying they would come to the house and do something that needed to be done. They never came, day after day after day. And I would go to the local office, see the trucks parked outside and the guys inside with their feet up on desks, watching TV and eating tacos.

    So I tracked down the HQ of Megacable in Guadalajara. I don’t think I ever actually learned the name of the top guy, but I sent it to the HQ in Guadalajara anyway. I then dropped off a copy of the letter at the local office.

    WITHIN 30 MINUTES, two guys were at my gate to resolve my issue. One was the local office’s service manager. He was noticeably unhappy. Tough titties, I say. The issue was fixed.

    It’s a beautiful complaint system. Try it. With whatever.

    Oh, I never actually mailed that letter to Guadalajara. I just dropped off the copy at the local office.

  9. princesanancy2012 says:

    What I know—LOL OK so when paying my Cablemås bill a couple of months ago at their main office by the bullring I saw the ad for IZZI pronounced EZ ,of course, all though it probably isn’t.
    They were promoting internet and house phone for $400 pesos a month. I have continued to just pay my 3 service bill although i don’t use the TV. Like you two I would like to move my modem to another room and have that as an office. I have always dreaded the idea for fear of getting bad reception on the internet. Tomorrow I am going to the office with my black box for the TV in hand to TRY and turn it in and stop paying for TV. I will pay my bill which hasn’t arrived but I don’t care as I just have to tell them my phone number and they bring it up. It’s due the 16th. I am fully prepared to wait the couple of hours. Switching to IZZI is not the priority but probably the necessity. The last couple of months the room is full of people waiting for what i assume to be the new service. I will let you know how that part turns out. Let’s just wish each other luck.

    • yes, keep me informed. I too am thinking to just subscribe to iZZi, get it installed where I want it, then cancel cablemas. we’ll see. I too would ditch the TV service, but Tom does love Pawn Stars, the picker guys, and a few other of those shows, makes me crazy!

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