UPDATE – my little chevy needs a tarjeta

UPDATE, 21 April

I went this morning to renew my Tarjeta de Circulation.  I had the list of stuff below, both originals and copies, well except for the copy of my identification.  Luckily there is a copier there that you can pay a young lady to make copies for you.  Cost me 2pesos to get a copy of my id made.

It was very quiet at 9am, not many people there doing business.  I was in and out in less than 15 minutes and it cost me 68pesos for the renewal.  I had to pay an extra 20% because I was late getting my renewal, would have been 52pesos if I had been on time.

so now, should the urge strike, I can sneak over the borders in my little green chevy!


Here in the State of Yucatan it is common to have to get new plates (placas) for your car every 2 years.  In the USofA  typically to renew the plates we have we maintain the actual same plate and number year after year, just affixing an updated sticker to indicate renewal status.

I bought my little 2nd hand Chevy Corsa in December of 2012, so this past December was my renewal period.

One of the really difficult things for us from NOB (North of the Border) is dealing with the vagaries of laws, rules, regulations and such.  And of course this was no different.  All we heard were rumors and speculation, no ‘Word’ was ever for sure.  Rarely do you ever get things written down.

But then again, you can’t in to too much trouble can you?  Or can you?

One thing with this non renewal is that other States may not realize that the State of Yucatan decided not to renew.  So, if you drive your car across State lines you could get pulled over, and possibly detained for driving with expired plates.

So, how do we fix that? Well rather than just go in and renew your plates, you now have to go in and get a new Tarjeta de Circulation that shows that you can drive your car, that everything is clear, you owe no taxes (tenencia) etc.

The Tarjeta de Circulation is a small document with all the particulars about your car, its ownership, its status, its plate number etc.  You can’t get it if you owe money.

Many of us rely on a facebook group geared towards stuff happening here in the Merida region for our dispersal of information.   And it was through this fb group that this information was circulated   –

Good news on tag renewals. Info I get is that the Government of Yucatan has decided not to change plates in 2015, only to renew the “tarjeta de circulación”.

In order to renew your vehicle´s “tarjeta de circulación”, these are the necessary documents:

– Original of circulation card of the vehicle (“tarjeta de circulación”).

– Original of your last payment of tenencia.

– Original sales invoice with the signature of the seller at the back.

– Original of your resident card, and copy.

– Copy of the current insurance policy.

– Original of a proof of address under your name, not older than 3 months: electricity, water, telephone or cable TV; or bank statements or statement from department stores (such as Liverpool or Suburbia).

The cost of the renewal is still unknown, it will be published in 2015, should be no more than 300 pesos.

So this coming week, I meant to do it 2 weeks ago but have just been too busy, this coming week I hope to get this done.

Heck, I just might want to drive out of the State!


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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7 Responses to UPDATE – my little chevy needs a tarjeta

  1. princesanancy2012 says:

    Hi Debi,

    The word I was looking for I found in your post about what you have to bring with you to get your tarjjeta de circulation . Tenencia. You say to bring the last paid one, along with lots of other papers. I haven’t paid that but it was up to date when I received the car. That was the end of 2013. I thought this was a yearly payment, it has nothing to do with the tarjeta. I was given to believe that you only paid tenencia until the car was 10 years old or cost over $350,000 pesos.

    I just couldn’t remember the name and but knew it was a T word.


  2. Thanks for the info Deb. We will nationalize our truck in 2016 so we wait to see what the new rules are!

  3. princesanancy2012 says:

    When I found out about this I went to my insurance company and was given a piece of paper with the law for this year excusing us from paying. However I returned again to the office and was told that the agent had been stopped on more than one occasion by people feeling a bribe was in order so he decided to just go and get the tarjeta renewed. He says it cost him $60 pesos. I don’t know which month he did it in, But, I too have to trek up there and do it. I had heard that people who tried in January were told they couldn’t get one this year but it’s obvious that you can.
    Thanks for writing the blog that I didn’t want to, since I don’t have one LOL.

  4. Hi Debi I renewed mine in March with a 5 % discount on a one year old Cross Fox … the circulation card cost me 85 pesos . If you renewed in January I think it was a 25 % discount a 10 % discount in Feb . For April you may have to pay wihtout discount but I would be surprised if it cost you 300 pesos. But one never knows… keep me informed please

    • there were so many different stories about what needed to be done and when, I just put it off till I had a fair sense of what needed to be done! I paid 68pesos, which included my 20% fine for lateness!

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