a very cool decorating idea

Hammocks are a very special thing here in the Yucatan.  The craftsmanship of them is beautiful, detailed, and durable.   I’m not talking about the cheap touristy ones sold in the plaza grande to extranjeros sporting sunburns and fanny packs.

I am referring to the beautiful densely woven hammocks in a rainbow of beautiful colors and patterns.

A majority of yucatecos sleep year round in hammocks.  I have been sleeping primarily in a hammock for the past 7 years.  Wait, that’s not what this is about, back on track girl!

I was at Siglo XXI this morning.  Siglo XXI is a conference center, and houses our Tourist Bureau offices, and well as one of the state office for automobile stuff, tags, licenses, multas (tickets)..

This is their newest decoration – I really love this!



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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12 Responses to a very cool decorating idea

  1. John Calypso says:

    Very cool. As Felipe suggests – who would have thunk it? I take a lot of naps in hammocks – but seldom full night bed choice.

  2. Never in a million years would I have thought of hammocks as a decorating tool. What a great idea. But … do you really sleep in a hammock? I’ve tried and cannot.

    • they are beautiful aren’t they? Yes, I do sleep in a hamaca, I love the softness and comfort. no pressure points, and especially for here in Merida, so much cooler during the hot months!

    • Felipe .. it takes a Little time to get acustomed to a Hammock… but once you do… there is no going back …. in my opinión…. I wake up in the mronings without aches and pains but when I have to sleep in a bed again I wake up with aches all over…. or maybe it is my imagination…. ! I also find them much cooler in the hot summer nights … get it into a good swing and its better than a fan . But I must admit on those very very cold nights in Winter after experiencing sleeping in the hammock it is darn cold… so then the bed is useful .

  3. Especially beautiful with skylights. I imagine the shadows and how they move.

  4. This caught my attention too when I was there getting my circulation card…. I too took photos because it was such a great idea and so in keeping with the Yucatan .

  5. This is too funny…I have a concept I drew up a year ago, for an art installation that uses hammocks in much the same way – great minds think alike lol!

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