The new Restaurant & Bar Reforma

Restaurant Reforma, I’ve written about it before!

Heck I even collaborated with a Travel and Leisure writer on an article that included Restaurant Reforma.

We had been loyal fans of the ‘old’ Restaurant Reforma for the past 10 years. So when we saw the updates and changes taking place we had to stop in.


The business is under new ownership, I’ve slept, but I think the new owner is Carlos.  Now it is Restaurante & Bar Reforma.  They really tidied things up, clean, fresh, new paint, a few other changes as well. The physical changes are great. Has more of a bar vibe now, lots of tall tables and tall stool/chairs, and an actual bar. There are also some more comfortable seating  where you can have a meal. I hate tall tables and stools, they kill my back.  They are offering great bar deals, discounts on beer and snack combos. Nice cold cerveza barril, 10 pesos from 5 to 9, helloooooo!  check out their deals on their fb page, link below

We stopped in for dinner, oh yes, we had a few beers too! Tom had to try the chiles rellenos, they were his favorite when it was Candy’s. He says he wouldn’t order them again, but then you have to realize he thought Candys were THE BEST in town. I had fillete de pescado al mojo de ajo, a grill fish fillet with butter and garlic. It was pretty darn good, and there were fresh cooked veggies, and a lovely mound of rice, I ate mine with tortillas and lots of their salsa habañero, which was great. I would definitely order again. Our friend Mateo had the pescado empanizado, he said it was very good, but we were both surprised at the coating. It is very common and popular here to use crushed corn flakes for a fish coating, these guys use whole cornflakes, makes for a very interesting presentation, and it makes for a really nice crunchy covering. Mateos plate came with a lovely little fresh salad, rice, and I think I saw a few cooked veggies on there too. He liked his meal.

Food prices have gone up, but I do think the overall quality of the ingredients is better. A much larger selection of items, but plan on about 80-100 pesos for a meal. We were there about 7 or 7:30pm on a Tuesday night.   You’ll love the disco ball.

We love Candy, her mom, sister, and family and will really miss visiting with them when we go in, but this new owner has done some nice things and I hope he makes it.  Good location, nice ambiance although for us, trying to visit with our friend Mateo the music was a bit loud, I didn’t bother to ask them to lower it, I’m sure they would have.

Oh, after we ordered our beers, and before we ordered dinner they brought a few botanas, some bitesize kibis with habañero salsa, some roasted herbed potato chunks, and a plate with jicama strips and mandarina slices, all good.

Calle 72 #425 x 45 y 47 Centro, Mérida, Mexico

link to their facebook page


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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One Response to The new Restaurant & Bar Reforma

  1. princesanancy2012 says:

    Well the tears are flowing but what can one do. When I saw the new paint job I was hoping something had happened inside too but tall tables( which I can’t sit at either) was not it. Harriet’s ashes will be flying everywhere and I don’t even want to pass this message to my friend, Andrea.
    Candy’s Chiles in Nogada were to die for and her mole was excellent whether on chicken or on tacos. I was always so sorry they couldn’t fix it up a bit and get more business. Well it was good enough for all of us. Another one bites the dust…

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