Damn This Crazy Weather! Why Dr Simi is my friend!

We are in a cold front, and we are expecting a really bad one this weekend.  The Diario de Yucatan says to expect 6degree celsius.   Yikes!

Last week, well actually about 5 days ago I got a sore throat, no big deal, I have allergies and that sometimes happens, So I started taking an allergy tab, Laritol D.  It helped, but not for long.

Then I started to cough; first dry cough, then really nasty chest rattle cough, that was 2 days ago. Then cough till you pee coughing, gads I hate getting old.  I thought it was a bit of bronchitis. Then last night I had a hard time sleeping because my chest would rattle as I breathed in and out.

And then there are the chills, then the sweats, hmmmmm, must be something?

My yucatecan friends say it is because the weather is so up and down right now.

So  anyway, I knew/know intervention is needed.  I went over to the farmacia Similares this morning.  I went to the one on Avenida Itzaes across from the Chedraui.  It is quite close to my house, and I use it frequently when I need meds.

simi store

This isn’t actually the one I went to, but it looks quite similar.

Many of the farmacias here in Merida have a Doctor onsite. This is such a smart thing for non emergency stuff.   The young Doctor I saw  is Dr. Humberto Marcelo Solis Martinez, young, and cute, just fyi.  Medical Certificate on the wall. The fee was 40pesos, cash.  He took my bp, looked in my ears, listened to my chest, as I tried to breathe in and out – which caused a rather lengthy coughing jag.

He prescribed an antibiotic for the infection in my lungs, an expectorant for the phlegm, and vitamin c. He offered the antibiotic as 2 options, injections or oral.  I elected for the oral even though the injections would have had faster results.  Mainly because it would require 3 separate injections.  Now I could have purchased the 3 injections, received the first there and returned to have the others administered or administer them at home. Now to be honest, I tend to be a bit lax in follow through so knew getting the pills was the smartest thing.

I took this photo to show how incredibly sensible things are here –


Consultation – 40pesos

Medical Certification – 45p

Child Health and Wellness checkup – 40p

Pregnancy checkup – 40p

family planning – 40p

blood pressure taken – 15p

administer an injection – 20p

test glucose – 30p

eye wash – 40p

take out stitches – 35p

take out sondas, sondas are tubes, like catheter, gastro tube, etc – 45p

remove an ingrown toenail – 55p

nebulizer treatment – 55p

curacion, which is essentially a treatment – 35p

get stitches – 55p

How much sense do these simple things being able to be done at such an affordable cost?

I love the medical care system here!

farma simi


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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9 Responses to Damn This Crazy Weather! Why Dr Simi is my friend!

  1. Mexican health care. Can’t beat it. Oddly, of the five or so times I’ve gone to a Farmacia Similares, they’ve never had what I asked for. Never. Other farmacias, yes.

    • Steve Cotton says:

      I second both of your comments. Health care here is reason alone to move to Mexico. But I have had little luck in getting my prescriptions filled at Farmacia Similares. And, yes, even in the wilds of the tropics we have such conveniences.

    • farm simi is really only helpful when looking for generic forms of some brand name item. If you need, or want the brand name, this ain’t da place.
      yep, can’t beat the healthcare here, although you do occassionaly hear horrow stories.

  2. Andrea says:

    I do remember the farmacias and also the doctors within the farmacias very well! We both been there a few times, and also our friends. We both, and our friends have nothing negative to report about the services . And you are absolutely right, that consultation and services are very, very reasonable!!!

  3. princesanancy2012 says:

    FYI My Dr. Simi is on Calle 67 south side x58 y 56. His name is Eduardo Rodriguez and he is there in the morning from 9 to 1 :30. Then he goes and works at IMSS on Calle 64×59. Yes a hard worker and HE SPEAKS ENGLISH for those of you who need it.

  4. Kevin Donegan says:

    I am suffering the exact same symptoms … I have just started taking allergy medication and am hoping that takes care of the problem.

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