my ‘almost’ run in with the law!

Friday afternoon I had an appointment in Centro, near Santa Lucia park. I drove up, mostly because I am lazy and didn’t want to walk.

I parked in a parking garage on 60 between 55 y 57.

As I was walking towards the cashier booth a woman handed me my ticket, the attendant was retrieving her car for her. I checked that it had my car tag on it, and the time 3:09pm. I shoved it in my pocket, or so I thought. I went to my appointment, only took about 20 minutes.

When I got back to the parking garage I couldn’t find my parking receipt. I went through my pockets, tore apart my purse, even felt down my waistband in case I had missed my pocket, you never know.

So I thought ok, I will have to pay a lost ticket fee. But no, This particular garage uses a computerized system, so they can pull up on their computer screen the data using your tag number. cool, no worries.

Well the attendant started telling me he couldn’t access the computer and I couldn’t leave. I told him I would just leave the money but I needed to go, he said no. So i dropped some extra money and said I’m leaving, he said he was gonna close the door, I gave him a look, and he mentioned calling the police, to which I said yes, please call them right now. He then pointed to a notice about any cars left for more than 15 days would be considered abandoned and become their property. I’m pretty sure I gave him another ‘look’!

Now keep in mind all of this is in spanish, and I am sure I didn’t quite get exactly what he was saying, and it is for this reason that I really need to continue with spanish lessons.

Anyway, he throws up his hands and I said No, I’ll call the police, which I did. I used the number I have in my phone, 066, which is the State police emergency number. I was standing on the street and had just finished speaking with the police when a friend walked by. I explained what was going on, she said I needed Municipal Police, so I called back the emergency number and she asked for the number for Municipal, which I then called and explained what was going on.

A short time later, while she and I were chatting and watching for the police a man comes from across the street, I presume the owner. I explain what is going on, he goes to the computer, pulls up the info on my car. He says he needs to see my id, I say you can see it, but you can not have it. So I hold it while he writes down my details. Then he tells me 14pesos, I hand him 20, he acts like no, Just go. I pushed the money towards him, he takes it, gives me my change and my receipt. I asked him to write pagado on the receipt, then I used my phone and took a photo of the two of them.

So I get my car and leave, so far end of story. No police showed up while all this was going on, and none have come to my door, so, maybe it’s all over and done.


If I get hauled in, this is my story and I am sticking to it!



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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6 Responses to my ‘almost’ run in with the law!

  1. Andrea says:

    Absolutely Great!!!! Good for you!

  2. Steve Cotton says:

    Ah, mi amiga rebelde.

  3. blissinger says:

    You are so thorough! I’ll have to remember all the steps you took (not letting go of the ID, taking the photo…) I’m sure they won’t mess further with you!

    • big rule, NEVER hand over an id, have a copy, give them that, show them the original, but never hand it over. Well unless they are about to shoot you or something, then give them whatever they want!

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