what a day

So this is how our days tend to go.

We decided last night, about 9pm, that we should go for an adventure, take a drive and see some sights, I said 'let's drive to Tekax'. We decide to leave at about 9:30am.

We rarely plan things out very far, fortunately we have some very responsive friends that can come for dinner at the drop of a hat. we didn't even try to find someone last night for a roadtrip today.

I slept horribly, all congested couldn't breathe, and when we got up it is all overcast and gloomy. Not a great day for a drive out.

so ok, change of plan, always good to be flexible, let's take the dogs out, we could go to the beach, or to a park, let's do the park.

ok, but wait, need to water the potted plants, then, oh, need to make a dr appt, oh, and need to call the credit union in the States about a cd that needs to be rolled, oh crap, skype is not working…troubleshoot, do work around, call made, drs appt made, oh I need to call my brother, facetime with him, plants watered, decude to upgrade to Windows 10 since computer probs could be compatibility issues, get that started, you see where I'm going with this, it was 11:30 before we got out of the house.


Now its 1pm, beautiful, clouds and sunny sky, want to go for a drive, No, I'm hungry, so we are raiding the fridge for the odd assortment of leftovers. what a day!

Who knows what the afternoon may bring, hopefully dinner out with friends….anyone?




About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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10 Responses to what a day

  1. Glory says:

    Sounds like a perfectly unplanned day.

  2. Andrea says:

    Like the old saying says “when it rains it comes down in buckets”. I hope you guys still had a pleasant day!

  3. Steve Cotton says:

    I am always free for dinner. Of course, it would be a long slog across Mexico to get there. Do you plan on getting to Puerto Vallarta again?

  4. norm says:

    A day trip I recommend from Merida is Isla Arena. A backwater place over on the west coast. The sand spit has a few restaurants, a museum devoted to a fifties Mexican movie star and a spiffed up area to sit by the ocean. The best part is the ride in, a long causeway through mangrove swamps, miles of farmland, old villages in various stages of decay.

    • sounds interesting, to be honest I hadn’t heard of it. May need to be an overnighter though, Campeche is a fer piece.

      • norm says:

        It is a right turn at Halacho. I think it takes about two hours to drive out. I’ve always done it as a day trip from Merida or Ticul. The town of Halacho is interesting as well, the main church is built on a Mayan platform with the road running over the platform. There are a few places to stay in Arena, little cabana type places. The last time I was there, it had two block yards running so it is not going to stay quant much longer. I was there two winters ago, there might have been 500 people living there at that time. It is worth a visit. I like it because it fits my “end of the road” fetish. The causeway going out is a historic wonder, the old Maya saltpans are pristine, (no one working them now). The oil residue from the 76 blowout is very evident on the old saltpans.

        I took the connector road running up to Celestun once, it is only about 20 miles but it took three hours, the road was that bad. We had a brush fire blow over us on that drive, got passed by a gang of farmers on bicycles. Yucatan at its best.

  5. We just returned from a day out…walk through the mall and Costco, with thousands of others…..it’s a holiday!
    Sorry about dinner plans, we did a big lunch.

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