colon cancer awareness

Since everyone is always interested in medical procedures and costs in Mexico, I like to report when I have something done, I know you are all thrilled that I do this for you.

Since its been more than 10 years since my last, which was also my first, colonoscopy, AND since my brother is in treatment right now for stage 4 colon cancer, I went this morning for a colonoscopy.

Yesterday was a day of liquids only fasting and flushing. I started the morning with a glass of water into which I added a packet of powder for a laxative product called Picoprep. Nothing to report on that, the taste is lemony, you mix it with only 150ml of water, and drink, then every hour drink 250ml of clear liquids, your choice, just nothing colored red or creamy. I had made a big batch of vegetable broth so drank quite a bit of that, plus lots of water. Then 12 hours after your first laxative drink you do your 2nd, and continue your liquids till bedtime. In the morning, prior to going in for your procedure drink nothing.

I used the Centro de Endoscopia del Sureste, here is their webpage,

This morning, when I arrived I gave a bit of information and was taken to a cubicle and told to put on a dressing gown and pair of paper boxers. Then I was given a needle for a water mix into which the anesthesiologist would inject the drugs for the procedure. The anesthesiologist came to the cubicle, checked on me, asked questions, and left.

You stay on the bed from the cubicle, and get wheeled into the procedure room, The doctor administering the exam chats with you while the techs finish what little prep is required, while this was happening I drifted off, next thing I know I am being talked to and told all is healthy with my colon, intestine, and lower intestine.

I get wheeled back to the cubicle and start deep breathing to clear the anesthesia, one of the techs comes, removes the needle, and I get dressed. As I am leaving I pay at the desk and receive my written report, complete with pictures. Oh, and if you should desire, you can get a dvd for an additional 300 pesos.

The procedure itself cost 3800pesos, and 1800pesos for the anesthesiologist. The picoprep was 350pesos.

Oh, and if you take a loved one with, you must have someone with you to drive, they go in to the exam with you. I imagine you could choose not to have someone with you, but it made me feel much more comfortable knowing Tom was there watching my back.

I looked for a cute clipart graphic, but seriously, there is no way to make a cute colonoscopy clipart, so I have opted for a kitty picture instead



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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14 Responses to colon cancer awareness

  1. cbcreates says:

    I’m overdue for a 5-year follow up because my first found polyps and my dad had colon cancer. My US (NC) insurer applies anything but 10-year procedures to deductible, so I’d basically pay out of pocket around 3K. My husband and I are looking into having it done in Merida over the holidays. Would I/we get by with rudimentary Restaurant Spanish? Or would I need to draft an expat friend to translate? Or do you know of hospitals/facilites where English-speakers might be acvomodated. (I hate not being a good Spanish speaker.)

    • Definitely find someone that speaks Spanish to make the appointment and get your instructions. The clinic we used, in the post, has dra that speak English. Go in ahead of time, meet the drs,

  2. chuck conroy says:

    Do you have or have you ever had the Medical insurance in Mexico. I know you have lived there a long time and thought you probably had it.

    • yes, in fact I do have insurance, but not a wellness package so paid this out of pocket. I have a high deductible, to keep the premium low. Had the report been unfavorable the exam cost would have gone against my deductible, but must say I am happier with the way it turned out.

  3. I had my first and last colonoscopy in 1997. I considered another around 2005 here in Mexico, but it would have been done with a full anesthesia. I just blew it off. Sounds like what you received was the same I got in Houston in 1997. It’s a type of anesthesia that gives you a sort of amnesia. It’s lighter than being completely put under, and it’s easier to get conscious again. I actually found it fascinating and fun. After deciding against the colonoscopy, I have done two barium enema tests, the older procedure to inspect one’s innards. I found them to be less icky than their reputation indicates

    Congrats on having a clean inner hose.

    • gracias, feels good to be squeaky clean. They now use twilight drugs, very quick and easy to come out of.

      • Pete says:

        Thanks so much for posting this. We are in our 3rd full time year here, just outside Playa del Carmen and I’ve been pricing this procedure in Cancun. Cheapest so for is $2800 US (we’re Canadian so add 20 %) at a hospital. Ridiculous for an outpatient procedure. My wife was an RN in Canada for 36 years and shakes her head at the cost in Cancun. For us to drive to Merida and hotel it for 1 or 2 nights and get the procedure done is far less expensive than Cancun. Again, thanks for the info. Yours came up first on my Google search,Don’t think I need to go any further. BTW, congratulations on the results

        • yes indeed, come enjoy Merida, there really is no debilitation after the procedure so you can enjoy some sights.
          There are some clean, basic, very inexpensive places to stay – check out hotel aventuras

  4. Andrea says:

    I am sure glad that everything worked out fine for you! I had my 5th one done on Tuesday this week. My father died of colon cancer and so did my brother about 2 years ago. I will find out the results in about 10 days.

  5. Patricia Johnston says:

    Glad to hear everything’s just fine and dandy 😀

  6. bonnie817 says:

    ah yes, one of the medical professions more ignominious procedures!

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