the repatriation plans continue

We know people who have been trying for years to sell their homes here in Merida so that they can return to the USofA. Years!

Once we decided to return to the USofA, and had our destination, Richmond Virginia, we knew waiting years just wouldn't work. Our home has been on the market now for 8 months. We came very close 2 times to having it sold. But close does not count.

So here it is, mid April, and what we think of as the 'selling' season is over so we've decided to stage the house for renting. We've acquired a property manager/rental agent, and have been going through the house getting rid of lots of stuff.

We could conceivably be ready to pack the car and go in just a few more weeks. We've made no date commitment.

One thing that did occur which sort of helps compel / propel us is we bought a house in Richmond. On our last trip there we were looking for rentals, rentals that will accept 3 dogs. The prospects proved to be pretty bleak, apparently 3 largish dogs are seen as a potential threat to the maintenance and upkeep of rental homes.

seriously, look at these faces, do you think they'd cause trouble?

We are fortunate that we have some of our retirement money in cd's, cd's earning next to nothing, so we were able to cash one in and purchase a house. Not our forever house, but a house where we can bring our dogs. Once we are there, and settled in, we can start looking for the location, location, location house. And maybe by then this house will sell.

We got a small Cape Cod, built in the 50's, and still pretty much as it was built, I think in Real Estate lingo that is called Charming! The rooms are smaller than my comfort level likes, but its close to a great park, and the James River Trail System, plus it has a pretty good size yard for the girls.

One other nice thing is that the money spent on this house is earning us waaaay more than it did in a cd. I mean crappy rentals in rough neighborhoods were asking 1300 usd, plus hefty security because of the dogs plus extra each month per dog, so really a much better investment. Plus there is some extra to buy some furniture.





About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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11 Responses to the repatriation plans continue

  1. Marianne says:

    I can see a bistro table and some chairs on that charming front porch – perfect for Virginia wine tasting and meeting the neighbors.

  2. Andrea says:

    I love that house!! I think it is just lovely, and since you have the park nearby, it will be great for your “little girls”! They really look like Angels, and I do believe that there is no wrong doing by either of them. I surly hope that the rental situation for you guys will work out, and will be at least somewhat profitable! I hope for all of you, that leaving Merida will be not to painful. Please stay in touch.

  3. Moving back to the U.S. is something my mind simply cannot grasp, so let’s move on to the pooches. Yes, they do look like troublemakers, especially that one on the right.

  4. Jay says:

    Yippee!! Is correct!

  5. That is indeed a charming house! Congrats on your excellent solution, should work well and give your darling gals a good home. Renting the house in Merida is not a bad option, either. All the best on your move to Richmond.

  6. teresa freeburn says:

    hi debi,

    the house in richmond is not only charming, the area sounds perfect for you guys and girls. oh my gosh, those faces-just cute and innocent looking (the key word being looking) as can be-and such good models.

    any luck finding henry a home? how i wish i could take him!

    take care and have a nice weekend!


    • Thanks Teresa, yes, I am excited about the location and proximity to parks and trail systems, it is what I miss the most here in Merida. There are a few open system parks, but its a 20+ minute drive to get to them.
      yes, Henri, now Manchas, is in his new home with dogs, cats, and a turtle. He seems to be settling in and getting along with all of them.

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