Day 1, Merida Yucatan to Villahermosa Tabasco

Tom wanted to get started at 7am. We left the house at 9:17. At 14 miles Tom realized he had left his phone, so we turned around.

Lots of construction on the highway along the bay of Campeche which made it really difficult to enjoy the view, and to pull off for a bite to eat, I had been salivating for some fish tacos.

I got pulled twice at retenes and asked for tarjeta de circulation and drivers license, no problems, each were looked at we were passed on.

Just before Escarcega we blew a rear tire. Now we knew the tires were old, and in rough shape, but had hoped to get across the border to where the price was more reasonable, ah well….

I got us in to a bit of a turnout with a little extra space and started unloading the trunk, I hadn't more than about 1/3 of the trunk empty when 2 guys in a pickup pull in behind us and asked if we needed any help. Yeah! These guys were great, I asked if they were with Los Angeles Verdes, nope, just a couple mechanics. They directed us to a llantera on the bypass around Escarcega, and off we went. Unfortunately that guy had two tires the right size but different brands, so he directed us to a llantera in Escarcega.

We found the place no problems, 2 old guys, slow moving guys, they watched while I unloaded the trunk, and got the tires changed in pretty quick order, then waited as I reloaded with Tom telling me where to put things. As we are getting ready to leave the guy indicates we are leaking something and has us pull around to a lift. He says oil, but it ended up being transmission fluid. we have a pretty good leak. we are leaving our mark in Mexico, a trail of transmission fluid. We can continue on to Richmond no worries, we just have to check and refill frequently. oh, the tires were 1500pesos each, which included installation.

But oh my, there is ground water; ponds, lakes, rivers, there are vistas of farmland, and agriculture, animals grazing in fields, mountains, monster beautiful trees.

Between Escarcega and Villahermosa we passed through a Howler Monkey area, there were big signs, and these swinging bridges over the highway for them, we didn't see any, but it was cool. On one puppy potty break the girls saw their first cows, oh my!

So our schedule is destroyed, but we are determined to make Villahermosa at least. We had hoped to make Minatitlan, but not a possibility.

Coming from South the first big hotel is the Hilton, and if you've called ahead and have a reservation they will accept two dogs. We found no motels on that end of Villahermosa. 3rd party search engines indicate several hotels in town accept mascotas, they don't don't be deceived, don't reserve through 3rd party vendors, they lie. On the North edge of Villahermosa you will find lots n lots of nice motels.

We finally got settled in to the Plaza Manor Tabasco, around 9:30, phew, need to do some repacking and rearranging. Big mistake was to not give the dogs water during the day, they were crazy drinking water, then eating, we will plan better for tomorrow, although we treated ourselves just as badly, we had the choice, they didn't. Unfortunately the Plaza Manors kitchen wasn't working so the club sandwich and fries we were going to share became ritz crackers, celery, and peanut butter, oh, and a few beers, the Plaza Manor did have bar and soda service.



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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8 Responses to Day 1, Merida Yucatan to Villahermosa Tabasco

  1. Andrea says:

    This all sounds so exciting! I have not ever had such an exiting trip since I left South Africa! I wish you all the best. Stay in touch!!

  2. Ellen says:

    We stayed at that Hilton on our first night out of Merida with our two dogs. they loved it and so did we, but it sure wasn’t cheap. As I recall, they had room service, so we all ate well. Onward!! Enjoying reliving the adventure through your posts 🙂

    • The Hilton advertises 2 max, and small so we didn’t stop. the Plaza Manor was really quite lovely, no room service though, but damn those beers tasted good!

  3. yucalandia says:

    Big hint… If you have a tire issue ever again in your life… You do NOT need pairs of the same tires on the back of most cars … especially if the car is front wheel drive.

    Principles of tire placements:
    ~ IF you have a high-performance special-suspension car like a Saab, BMW, or Maserati … then yes, you need matched tires on ALL 4 wheels…

    ~ IF you have full-time All Wheel Drive (AWD) – then you need matched tires on all 4 wheels…

    but … since your lovely Taurus does NOT have high performance suspension … and the Taurus does NOT have AWD…

    Then you can SAFELY put ‘somewhat’ mismatched tires on the back.

    ‘Somewhat’ mismatched => same size and ,,, about the same sidewall softness…

    Sidewall softness determines how much the radial-tire bulges out … and it determines how much the car moves to the side as you turn … and how-much or how-easily the tire rolls slightly-off the tread and onto the sidewall…

    IF the 2 rear tires are the same size ( like ‘P205’s )… then similarly-rigid sidewall tires made by different brands … can be run SAFELY for years…

    The ‘old saw’ about having exactly-matched tires … is true when you put them on the front wheels…

    but is generally ~ not true ~ when installing them on the back of a NOT-AWD or NOT-high-performance-suspension car…

    Happy Trails,

    and yes… I am available for ‘consults’ …. and ‘Yes’… I do long distance diagnoses …

    so ..Feel free to call me … either on our US line or on our Mexican phone line.

    I’ll send you a PM on facebook, in case Tom lost our phone numbers.

    • ah well, old school thoughts I guess, we found two just alike, and at a good price, so are well pleased. I will keep you in mind, do you do roadside consultations?

  4. Barry Zahn says:

    At today’s exchange rate the tires were only $83 installed, I doubt you would have beat that price in the ole USA. I certainly hope Day 2 goes better. Safe travels.

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