Day 3, Queretero to Cotulla Texas

Day 3

About 5am we decided to continue on. The traffic was diminished, the trucks had dried the roads, and we just couldn't sit there any longer.

Found a fairly new bypass around San Luis Potosi that connects to Matehuala and Saltillo, sweet. Nice rest stop with free wifi. At the Rest Stop Potosito We all got a nice walk, potty break, and water. Also did some rearranging, and got ready to continue on with day 3. Oh, and 1 more ltr of transmission fluid, that makes 4 so far, we just might make it, as long as we can find Auto Zones and Walmarts.

The road is fabulous blacktop, smooth, and able to move along at a really good clip.

As we neared Matehuala, there came another bypass, going to Saltillo and Monterrey, Sweet! Except, Tom wanted to go into Matehuala for tran fluid. dangit, 244 km to Saltillo.

We pushed on for a bit more then decided to refill, switch drivers, and feed the girls.

The girls, everyone wants to know about the girls. Tech is super needy, nervous, has stopped eating, and has the runs. Ceniza jumps at every sound, walks around on tippy toes, and constantly you see the whites of her eyes. She is constipated, but had her first poop of the trip this morning. If anyone is interested…so did I. Rubi is Rubi, completely unflappable, she is loving this, well except for the long hours in the car.

Tom started driving and of course it started to rain. It's cleared up now, and Tom is making good time.

Lots of cactus, sheep and sheepherders, horses, and cowboys.

Tom is stressing over the boxes on the roof not being watertight enough.

We were making really good time, and in no time found ourselves approaching the bypass around Monterrey, almost there.

As we were going up the mountainside outside of Monterrey we decided to pull over, walk the dogs, and us, we are all pretty tired of being in the car, plus Tom wanted to check the tranny fluid. Lovely spot trees, open space underneath lots of very cool cactus, and a red ant hill that the girls tromped right in to. Gads, ants all over and biting them, they were yelping and screeching and jumping around. Tried my best to get the ants off, without also getting bit. raided a few boxes in the trunk, couldn't find the benadryl and was getting very worried, Techie got it the worse and her whole body was shaking. The dogs were jumping and twitching. We got some cream on their feet, and a loratadina into each one. But Techie was still having whole body shakes, I was very worried about a convulsion. She came up and sat on my lap, it was very scary. We started back down the mtn and things started to calm down. And thanks to on call Mimi and dr Nelson for your consultation.

The girls are fine now by the way, no lasting effects.

so on we cruise, we think we can make the crossing today. We made better time than we thought and got to bridge 2 about 3pm. Immigration waved us through, didn't even look up, unfortunately we didn't realize, or maybe we did, that we should have stopped to fill out the visa paper, they didn't seem concerned and so neither did we. Then the car line for US Customs, actually it was here that we realized we had just been waived through Immigration without a look or thought.

The line didn't take too long, about 1/2 an hour, the officer checked our passport, asked where we were going, did we have any fruit, veg, beer, or wine, and told us to proceed. We were passing pull in slots so I stopped and asked if we needed to pull in, and we were waived on.

So on we went, right straight through and out of Laredo. Enroute to San Antonio.

Now just before the border crossing I told Tom the car was pulling right. We continued on a bit and pulled in to a Love's to get gas, I was also hoping for a t-mobile sim card, no luck with that, so no phone svc till we find one. We've lost our 4g now so no fb, no nothing, we are alone in the storm with no means of communication, cut off from the world, oh the horror, the drama.

Anyway, we switched drivers and Tom feels what I mean about the car, and decides he thinks it is a cv joint, holey moley. So we stop at the first olace we see that has a Quinta because we've been told they allow dogs, and they do.

We got upgraded to a King Suite, registered for there free night program, and they put our white wine in the freezer for us. We got settled in, Tom went looking for a mechanic or front end place, I fed the dogs, and took them for a long walk.

Tom knows where the mechanic is for tomorrow, and goes to find food. I took a lovely long shower, and took the fogs out again. Tom got back with food, and we drank a bottle of wine, and I think we were in bed by 9:30.


and that was day 3.


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends. Then in 2016 I moved to Richmond, Virginia, USA. Culture shock continues.
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  1. Jay says:

    Geeze! You guys booked!

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