Day 5, Cotulla TX to Lafayette LA

We left Cotulla at 8am, first stop will be the Walmart in Pearsall 30 miles away to get a tire and a simm card.

About 10 miles from Pearsall the left front tire blew, however it didn't deflate, I had the trunk about 1/2 unloaded and Tom said stop, he thinks we can limp into Pearsall. So reload and off we go, 20 mph on the shoulder.

We get to the Walmart and it does not have automotive, nor does it have T-mobile sim cards, so I bought an ATnT. I really feel we need some way to make emergency calls at this point.

There is an ACE just down the street, we have 1 new tire, I told Tom to do both, but he didn't.

So here it is, 10am, and we are on the road, smooth ride so don't need to go back for balancing, woohoo!

1:30 and we are off the highway looking for a Right passenger front tire, did I tell him to go ahead and get 2, yes, did he, no!

2:15, back on the hwy, just outside of Houston, the holiday traffic heading West is bumper to bumper, but heading in to town is moving at a pretty good pace.

We had heard about the flooding in Houston and were a bit concerned. We made it through with no issues. Signs of the flooding are evident, standing water in fields and yards, rivers and lakes above their marks, but clear, dry and beautiful today.

The afternoon drive has been pretty uneventful, it has worked out nicely having a phone though. I was able to call ahead and reserve a room at the La Quinta Lafayette.

This Quinta is more of a motor court motel, larger than the one in Cotulla, and full of people with kids, people and kids running around everywhere. Cotulla was much nicer, and quiet.

Tom went to Prejeans Cajun Cuisine and brought back a selection of cajun treats, and we had wine.

Tomorrow we hope to make Atlanta, and then Richmond the day after. 2 long 8+ hour days.


Hasta Mañana


About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends. Then in 2016 I moved to Richmond, Virginia, USA. Culture shock continues.
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3 Responses to Day 5, Cotulla TX to Lafayette LA

  1. Khaki Scott says:

    Wish Sara Lilley and I had known you were in our neck of the swamp. We live in different towns, but both nearby. So glad you got an oyster poboy. They are my favorite.

  2. What a relief to know that the state of LA has changed it’s laws since 1973 when I stayed in New Orleans one night and sneaked my 3 pound Yorkie in the room as the sign on the door said that the state did not allow animals in the rooms. Maybe the state of Queretaro has that law. Anyway I an so glad you are getting closer to your goal. Stay safe dear ones.

  3. Jay says:

    Omg- you’ve almost duct taped your car back together. We had an axle issue on the truck in my two-car caravan that waited until Arizona to act up (Subaru did fine)– you certainly have endured a wild ride north! Thank god you didn’t neglect to pack some of your wine collection (or found a store!)! By the way– will you keep the car? or say “thanks for the ride”?

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