our first tramite – the DMV

Today, Tuesday, 14 June was all about getting the car registered, and plated with VA tags, and getting our VA drivers Licenses.

7:45 found us in a short line at the DMV, which opened at 8am. Everyone queues up at the Info Desk, which fields and filters your needs, begins preliminary paperwork, and assigns you a ticket based on your need.

check this out – there were 3 of these displays with all the different vanity plates you could buy.

From there you sit, and wait, This is the waiting area

So, Once at the desk we explain that first we want Virginia Drivers Licenses. oh, Tom and I each have our own number, but end up at desks next to each other which is good since all our paperwork is in one envelope, and some of it we both need to use. Tom got called first, then me. But I got done first.

Tom started out telling his agent about his Mexico Drivers License. That became problematic for him. I didn't, I handed over my 2 year expired Colorado License. Tom's agent wanted to keep his mexican license, She said he couldn't have two. My agent disagreed with her saying they couldn't keep his license from another Country, its not the same as one from another US State. Anyway, Tom kept the MX license and handed over the expired Colorado. He was trying not to have to test fir the license.

Well either way, we were both told we had to take both the written and the driving skills tests. oh goodie.

At this point we started on the car, we handed over the Colorado Title, and lickity split, and 50 USD later we had a new registration, a promise to receive a new VA Title, and 2 shiny new license plates.

So we get signed in to take the drivers written test and we both sit down and start looking at the drivers manual. Before too long we get called in to the Testing Area. Testing is on a computer terminal. First thing I notice is the Test is 10 of 10 questions, sweet, I finish in no time and feel pretty confident, then up pops a new set of questions, 30 questions, oh crap. Well no worries, I got 10 out of 10 right on the first part, and 27 out of 30 correct on the second.

We get our appointments at 1:30, and at 2:00 to take the driving test. now it is 10:30, we haven't had breakfast, and Tom wants to go to Home Depot, so guess what. We head out for Home Depot because Tom wants to price a new back storm door and lumber, yawn! After more of this than I can handle we leave HD and stop at Panera for brunch. Then race home to let the dogs out. And get back to DMV just on time for our driving skills tests. Whilst at home Tom swaps out our MX plates for our shiny new VA plates.

So me first, The testing agent and I walk out to the car, she has me get in, and put down the windows, she is going to do a safety check, then she gets on the phone, and on the phone, and on the phone a bit more. She can't let us drive the Taurus with the VA plates because we don't have a Safety Inspection sticker. Now Tom had called previous and gone over ALL the details about our cars reentry in to the USofA…He was told everything he needed, and that the car needed no inspections.

So ok, no problem, we'll put the MX plates back on, ok, cool, that will work…EXCEPT…our tarjeta de circulacion says it expired 2013. We Explain that we have receipts to show that we have it all paid up through 2016. don't care, card is expired.

ok, no worries, we'll just run get an inspection and be right back…HAH!

Appointments for inspections in the 6 places we stopped are several days to 2 weeks out. We found one place with an appt avail tomorrow at 2:30, should take about 45 minutes for the inspection. Course they stop doing driving tests at 4. So we will most likely be too late to take the driving test, but we'll see what we can do with with big dumb smiles on our faces.

So off we go, we try to set up dinner and cards with friends now that we are done early, but they've made other plans, ah well… we stop at the Super and buy some wine to ease ourselves, oh, and some snacks and stuff for dinner, so its 9pm, we just finished dinner and the dishes, and the wine and are sitting on the porch swing.


And as Scarlett would say, “there's always tomorrow”






About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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12 Responses to our first tramite – the DMV

  1. grantmasterflash2000 says:

    Since you have your car for so long in Mexico did you formally import it there? Thanks.

  2. That was the only good thing about this, both Tom and I knew exactly, well almost, what was being said.

  3. Nancy Walters says:

    Honestly you make my day with the blog. Thanks for sharing.
    And people think only Mexico has hurdles with misinformation and long waits.
    You must have felt right at home.

    • it was such a shock, and Tom and Instanding right next to each other, but with different agents, were asked for different things, we were both trying to get a drivers license. So its not just in Mexico.

  4. Oh, this is fun. It’s easier to do this stuff in Pátzcuaro.

    • I am pleased for you, this kind of stuff doesvtry ones patience. but attitude, its all about attitude, oh and we’re retired…what else have we got to do?

  5. Sounds like you never left Mexico.

  6. Kevin Donegan says:

    Expats in Mexico think the government bureaucracy is complicated and makes no sense. Reading your experience in Virginia, now think about doing that in a foreign language and you realize government bureaucracy is messy everywhere.

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