my Merida

Once again I am in Merida, this time Tom is along. It is always amazing to get back, I do love it here. And as in most things, there is a love/hate relationship.

We have many friends here so trying to see as many as possible in a short period of time is exhausting, but we can rest when we're old.


Oh, just for those interested, my brother is doing much better, the cancer has stopped growing, seems to be in check, again, and the every 3 week treatment regime seems to be doing the trick. Unfortunately it is a 9 hour drive each way to the treatment facility.

Our mom continues to deteriorate, and is now living with youngest brother and wife. Wife quit her job to become fulltime caregiver.

Back to Merida, my oh my how quickly things are changing here now. Things change, and they stay the same.

The questions about trump never stop. Friends and acquaintances who used to travel to the USofA for shopping, vacation, professional conventions etc will not return after many recent experiences where they were treated poorly and felt fear and intimidation by immigration and customs officers. It is a sad era when good people refuse to enter, visit, enjoy, travel, and spend money in your country.

In fact some people are going to rather extreme lengths, and expense to keep from even traveling where there is just a stopover in the USofA.

2018 is Mexico's next General Election. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, aka amlo, is thought to have a very strong lead as the next pres. He is about as anti usa as trump is anti everyone else, well except russia it seems.

amlo's anti-america stance has been a huge reason for his previous defeat. usa and mexico are/were allies. check out this search link for many stories on the upcoming election prognostications –

Well anyway, back to our current time in Merida. We have a few appointments to look at houses. I am thinking a smaller house, with less garden and maintenance will make traveling much easier. As much as I love my house and garden, and you know I do, it is a big commitment.

But now I am thinking we should wait till after the election. I mean if amlo does win, and if trump has done even more damage to this fragile relationship, what will become of all the expats living here? Their homes? Their investments? Will we be treated as badly as we are treating immigrants in our country?

Back to lighter subjects, we have been going to lots of favorite restaurants, a few events, and sitting and visiting with as many friends as we can. And one lovely side effect of eating out so much is we frequently run into people we know.

Yesterday we stopped in at the graphic bakery for some fresh loaves, and a visit with baker/graphic artist/printmaker Manolo Taure, and ran in to galería la escalera owners, Gerardo and Janet, lovely surprise. and that is Merida, a lovely surprise around each corner.

well time is running out, as I have running out to do, so more later.

besitos a todos!



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends.
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14 Responses to my Merida

  1. Abigayle Lofgren says:

    Are you willing to expand on your love, hate relationship with Merida? Everywhere, we might land, has things we love and things we hate. I feel like our area is getting busy and expensive. There is always something.. Thanks, Abigayle

  2. Steve Cotton says:

    I suspect that if there are northern expatriates living here illegally, they may have something to worry about.

    • Abigayle Lofgren says:

      Hi Steve, Debi and “you’al, I am sitting here in S.C. after returning from a three week shopping trip to Merida. I made a verbal offer on a home, but have been getting all kids of information, that is making me take a step back. I am hearing stories about homes being sold and taxed 25%, at time of sale. I have talked to two people in the states who have friends that have sold home there years ago, and the Mexican government has not released their money to them……not any of it.
      I am sure that I would need a good attorney to set this up, but we would use it as a rental part of the year (maybe, thinking about that aspect of it anyway). Anyone out there willing to shed some light on this subject? Jan, I saw your comment, can you shed some light on this subject. Thanks in advance for any help. Abigayle

    • agreed, but there could be repurcussions for legals as well. legal or illegal doesn’t seem to matter in the usofa.

    • yes, I should think they would.

  3. Abigayle Lofgren says:

    This is so timely for us. Jim and I just returned from Merida, after looking at 23 homes. We made an offer on one, only to find that the owner did not want to close for three months. We loved the large pool, gardens and Santa Lucia location. We found another home in Santa Anna, right before leaving. Upon returning home, we started hearing rumblings of high taxes on rental income and resale taxation. This is making the lower cost of living and taxes less appealing to us.
    I do know of a woman with a smaller, very well done home who is returning to family in the states, I will forward this, just in case. Abigayle

    • if your mx house is your primary residence and you have lived in it 3 or more years, and you have the proper documentation you are exempt from capital gains.

      If you rent your house, that income is subject to tax. possibly in USofA, but for sure in MX.

      there are many who illegally rent their houses, never paying taxes to hacienda, aka IRS.
      what is that risk worth to you?

      you need a good real estate lawyer for your questions, every expat down here will have a slightly different opinion and suggestion.

      • Abigayle Lofgren says:

        Thanks Debi, I have heard everything from 8-25% tax. I am even getting different answers from attorneys. Also, transfer to children after death!

    • yes please, send me the info.

  4. blissinger says:

    Hi, Debi – I drove up to Tucson with a friend last week, and at the border the gringo agent was courteous but very pointedly said, “Welcome home,” when he waved us on. All of us who own property, live here year-round, or have otherwise sunk roots in San Carlos are anxious. In winter, our town is almost 70% gringo, though in some ways I prefer the alternative. You’re right, not a good time to buy, but if it all gets turned around (which we hope for) the real estate market will boom.

  5. Jan says:

    are you thinking about renting a place to have here? Better than buying!!

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