this old house – bathroom work

This is the guest bath, from the sellers online info a year ago.

It’s a great bathroom, quite spacious, and built really solidly.

I like the “retro” look of it too.12-hallbath

Unfortunately the 60 year old tub’s ceramic coating is pitted and chipped, it is nearly impossible to keep clean.  And the tub faucet leaks.

I suggested, for about 300$ we could get the tub resurfaced; and Tom could repair the leaky faucet.   But Tom said No; not to the faucet repair, but to the resurfacing.

So he decided to tear out the old tile surround, and the tub, and we will replace it with shiny new fiberglass.  He may now be regretting that decision.  The walls that the tile were on were 2 1/2 inch thick cement, and the tub was cast iron.

Just getting all that  stuff out has been a horror.


this is the cast iron tub, cut in to 4 pieces, even then he could barely move them.

oh, and he hauled them to the recycler, and got about 15$ for the pieces!


these are the pieces of wall, he had to cut them into 2ft by 2ft pieces to be able to move them.


Ready to start the installation!

Notice how closely he has cut the tiles?


Keeping the same medicine cabinet, Tom added that outlet, and we’re replaced the light fixture with one quite similar but in polished chrome to match the rest of the fixtures.


Here is the bath recess down to the studs.  It has taken him a few days to get the tile cut just right to allow the fiberglass tub and panels to be inset with out having to replace too much.IMG_2251IMG_2253

For whatever reason I didn’t take photos of Tom in the room actually doing the work.

But here are finished pictures

look at that tile work!


As you can see he did an amazing job on the tile work.  He spent A LOT OF TIME cutting, filing, sanding and creating to get the tiles in just right so as to maintain the esthetic of the room.


et voilà , the finished project!



About Debi in Merida

I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to Merida, Yucatan, MX in January 2006. I love to read, garden, travel, and hang out with friends. Then in 2016 I moved to Richmond, Virginia, USA. Culture shock continues.
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4 Responses to this old house – bathroom work

  1. Cherie says:

    Nice work, Tom. Charming bathroom, Debi.

  2. Now that is impressive! It is a lovely bathroom.
    Our bathroom needs to be redone and neither of us is up to the DIY, so it sits and mocks me.


  3. Patti says:

    Nice remodel for $300.00. Seems that he needs to keep busy.

  4. Kudos to Tom! Can I borrow him? Got a few repairs around the house . . . Looks fabulous!!

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