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This Old House

This old house, which really isn’t all that old, just a year or two older than me! One of the things I decided to do, and have sort of done, is to have fun with this house.  Not to worry … Continue reading

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Chamaco – a tale of terror

So last night, around 11pm I am walking home from Patti’s Martini party, and No, before you ask, I did not have too many, in fact I had one glass, short pour, of white wine. I was attacked, taken down … Continue reading

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Same Bat time, Same bat channel

In our neighbors yard is a large, well a huge ciricote (ziricote) tree.  I love this tree, one of the reasons is because it is not in my yard and because it set slightly away I get to enjoy all its mysteries. … Continue reading

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a cure for high blood pressure

It has been positively identified that having a pet  is good for your health! Once again friend Nancy has been gifted by her neighborhoods cat population with kittens born on her service porch.   You may remember a kitten I … Continue reading

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Kitten needs home – porfis

Adorable kitten needs a good home! We’ve had it since Thursday – she gets along well with our dog, and would get along with our cats except thay want to hurt her. She is in really good health and today I … Continue reading

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So, the doorbell rang, and …

So there we were, a lovely overcast, cool, rainy morning discussing our options for the day.  Today is one of those rare days where we have nothing on the schedule until I need to leave for spanish class at 5.   … Continue reading

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Oops, my bad!

It was recently pointed out to me that I had neglected to do something. This in and of itself is of no surprise to me. I find myself forgetting or neglecting to do more and more things. Fortunately, for me, … Continue reading

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